65: be thankful for what you’ve got

I spent about 45 minutes lying awake in bed this morning, staring at the ceiling and examining the chipped nail polish on my fingernails. Nothing was different — I looked exactly this morning as I did last night when I went to bed.

There is still a small space between my two front teeth. The big spot on my right cheek is fading, but it’s still there. My left pinky finger is still slightly bent — it has been since the age of five, when it got stuck in the elevator door of the hotel my family called home for a few months when we first lived in Okinawa. The piercings in my earlobes are still too high. My upper lip is still pinkish gray, unlike my bottom lip which is, in comparison, outlandishly pink, outrageously pink, ridiculously pink.

When I was little, I always hoped that each birthday would bring some new power (flight, invisibility, the power to keep me from dripping spaghetti sauce on new pants) or at least another inch in height. But alas, no. My lifelong dream of being 5’10” will probably never be realized. Well, okay that’s not true. I can probably tease my hair up about 4 inches and that should suffice. I’d just need to learn to avoid strong gusts of wind and rainy weather.

Notable people who share my birthday include (but are not limited to):

Ian Ziering (Steve on “Beverly Hills, 90210”, married to tacky-looking former Playboy playmate)

Vincent Van Gogh (one-eared Dutch painter)

Warren Beatty (old Hollywood crank and former playboy; Annette Bening’s husband; inspiration for song “What’s New, Pussycat?”)

Celine Dion (French-Canadian chanteuse who bears a striking resemblance to certain hairless cats)

Eric Clapton (guitar genius; Sheryl Crow’s ex-boyfriend)

Astrud Gilberto (Brazilian singer and personal hero of mine)

Paul Reiser (slightly annoying comedian who used to be on telly with

“Mad About You”)

John Astin (original Gomez Addams)

Am I in great company or what?

I finally saw “Yi Yi” last night and I loved it. The Chicago Tribune compared it to “Terms of Endearment”, in that it is a close examination of everyday life. Only without Shirley MacLaine screeching. And believe me what I say that I appreciated very much the absence of old lady melodrama from this particular film. Also, I’ve decided Asian kids are the cutest around. One of the main characters in this film is an 8 year old boy named Yang-Yang, and he is, like, the coolest person ever. Beyond asking really deep questions (“How can we ever know more than half the truth?”), he takes pictures of the little things that people might miss, so that they might know more. Mosquitoes, shadows, an entire series of the backs of people’s heads: “You can’t see it yourself, so I help you.”

I nearly lost it at that point. Chris felt the pacing was a bit slow in the second half, and Kevin was pretty tired so he missed some of it, but I was totally riveted. I hardly felt the effect of the movie’s running time, which is 2 hours and 53 minutes. If “Yi Yi” is showing in your town, go see it and tell me what you think.

My new favorite thing is MAC lip liner in “Stripdown”. It’s a nice neutral brown, and looks pretty hot if you blend it all over your lips with some lip balm to give it some shine. It’s like Prescriptives Lip Polish in Plain Truth but not as sticky. I just hate getting insects stuck in my lip gloss. I played with it this morning, but decided to go with something redder. I look pretty nice today, if I do say so myself. V-neck shirts are great if you’re like me and have no discernible neck to speak of.

I finally got to see the “Shibboleth” episode of “The West Wing”. Much like the last episode I saw, with the filibustering grandpa, I started crying at the end. Because as much shit as I talk about sentimentality and romance, I am a sucker, a blubbering baby who is easily reduced to tears. Ask anyone who’s had to watch “A Room with A View” with me. It’s no fun.

My dad’s birthday was this week, and I hope he got his present okay. I got him another pedal for his guitar, ‘cos he seemed to like the overdrive pedal I got him for Festivus. I wonder if he’s disappointed that I never followed through on my piano lessons. I’m sure he would have liked to jam with me or any of my other siblings who had to take music lessons.

I can see it now, me as Oscar Levant, pounding on “Rhapsody in Blue” on a baby grand while my father follows along in the style of his guitar hero, Jeff Beck. My brother would rock the violin, putting Itzhak Perlman to shame. When I was watching the Oscars this week, I drooled as Itzhak and Yo-Yo Ma played selections from the nominees in the “Best Score” category. I lost my shit when Yo-Yo took the lead for the excerpt from the “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” score. Say what you will, but the deepest string instrument out there has got to be the cello. Chris argued for the viola, but I was unconvinced. Anyone else out there wanna step up and defend the viola? I’m all ears. After all, I can afford to be generous. It is my birthday, after all.

Happy Friday everybody!



Pretending nothing has changed here

But strangely familiar tracks are falling

You came without a warning

(st. etienne)


The Beatles – You Never Give Me Your Money; Talking Heads – Uh-Oh, Love Comes To Town; AC/DC – Back in Black; William DeVaughn – Be Thankful for What You’ve Got; Garnett Mimms – I’ll Take Take Good Care of You; Van Halen – Hot for Teacher




http://www.pearlevision.com/ifs2.html – make sure you have ShockWave installed


~ by Jasmine on March 30, 2001.

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