67: do you remember the first time

My Favorite Bathrooms in Chicago*

* all bathrooms are ladies’ rooms unless otherwise noted

1. Martyrs’ – lavender walls, soft lighting, huge gilt mirror surrounded by stenciled flowers

2. Double Door – in the first floor loo, both stalls are completely enclosed rooms with doors that lock — good for making out/shagging with privacy (well, as much as you can have in a public bathroom)

3. Palm Court, Drake Hotel – like the Double Door, but the stalls are not enclosed. you get your own marble sink with sweet smelling soap and a crystal ashtray

4. 3rd floor, 5801 S. Ellis – those of you familiar with the University of Chicago will recognize this as being the admin building. there is usually a vase of dying flowers on the sill, and the stall farthest away from the door has a window with frosted glass

5. 5534 S. Kimbark, 3S – my old apartment — all white tile, with an easy-to-open window; many happy memories of getting in the bathtub with the dog, clad in my reliable bathing suit, for her monthly bath

Activities That Make Me Feel Hyper-Aware of My Girth

1. walking into a very strong wind

2. struggling onto a bar stool

3. making eye contact with a stranger on the bus

4. chewing

5. cheerleading competitions on ESPN2

Favorite Things from This Past Week

1. Bumping into Amy, Jean, and Jen at Soul Kitchen

2. meeting Amy’s fiancee, James — I still cannot believe I know two people who are getting married (first Carolina, now Amy)

3. having Celi come to the podiatrist with me

4. splitting a 4-piece meal at Popeye’s with her afterwards

5. drinking a beer after work with the web project manager and the RealTick product manager on Thursday night

6. sleeping in Friday morning

7. having a manicure at a posh Gold Coast salon, then eating lunch at the Frontera Grill afterwards (totally worthy)

8. seeing “Bridget Jones’s Diary” — Renee Zellweger looked *hot* (especially in the Tarts & Vicars’ party scene)

9. running into Allan LeSage at the Empty Bottle Friday night and trying to remember why I had a mini-crush on him in the summer of 1997 (probably because I thought he *liked* me

10. watching Bobby Conn get chased around to the theme from “Benny Hill”

11. meeting Miss Mia from Chic-A-Go-Go

12. seeing Michelle’s tap number to “Back in Business” during Dance Studio

13. pretending to be Mick Jagger, singing “Jumping Jack Flash” while indie rock boys yelled “Do the lips! Do the lips, girl!” at the Hidden Cove Lounge at 2 in the morning

14. one of the indie rock boys taking off his pants and sliding around in his socks while singing “Old Time Rock n’ Roll” by Bob Seger

15. watching Wong Kar-Wai’s “In The Mood for Love” Sunday afternoon (beautifully shot — Maggie Cheung is gorgeous)

16. finding bath bombs at Whole Foods (I know they’re not Lush, but they will have to do)

17. eating incredibly yummy pate (that’s goose liver, baby) while watching “Watership Down” on video

18. filing my tax returns on Monday afternoon

19. Happy Supply at the Double Door

20. funny cab driver on the way home from the Double Door

21. coming home to find an autographed copy of Margaret Cho’s book in the post (I pre-ordered it and totally forgot about it until today)

22. Celi — we had so much fun, i miss her already. So Seemers, when can I come visit?

23. my new moisturizer working so that i have lovely little baby soft patches on my cheeks

24. cute boys at almost every turn

25. my new eyelash curler — the curling part is straight and shorter than a traditional curler; it’s super easy to use on my small Asian eyes

Not So Great Things About the Past Week

1. Joey Ramone’s death

2. snow on Monday afternoon

3. getting weighed at the podiatrist’s and being reminded of how much weight I’ve gained since high school

4. missing the first five minutes of “In The Mood for Love”

5. my new digital camera being so stupid that I have to return it

6. the space between my two front teeth getting a teensy bit bigger — I know the Wife of Bath had one, and it was supposed to be a symbol of her sexual prowess, but I am not the Wife of Bath



PS: Amy, I am evil. I’m sorry I missed you Friday night. Should have called back, but alas. Shall we get together for a beer or something before you return to the UK?

“You don’t realize what I’m giving you.”

(Constantin Brancusi)


War – Spill The Wine; Marvin Gaye – Got to Give It Up (Part I); The Move – Feel Too Good; Stars – This Charming Man; The Goblins – He Is My Rock . . . Will You Be My Roll?;





~ by Jasmine on April 17, 2001.

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