146: peanut noir

neat things this week (week ending 1/14/02)

  • Joe’s use of the word “crestfallen” in conversation (I’ve only ever read this word)
  • Jay-Z’s new album
  • window seats

So this is obviously Friday’s flip front. I would have sent it that morning except that I had spent the day starting and restarting the computer that houses the tech support customer database. It was hell. It had started, innocently enough, the night before. I was just moving everything to a newer, bigger server — dual processors! More RAM! All sorts of exciting hardware. And what happens? The new machine chokes first thing Friday morning, never mind that I had been at work until 9pm Thursday night putting it through the paces. I finally gave up because I hate spending 12 hours a day at work, and Doug was in town and I wanted to hang out with him.

Doug was in town writing a story for Rolling Stone, crashing at the lovely dog hair-covered apartment I share with Jacinda. I came home to Doug and Jacinda talking about his recent trip to Japan, which was nice and all, but I came home starving so we went out to the Melrose. Doug and Jacinda talked about mutual friends of theirs in D.C. while visions of meatloaf sandwiches danced in my head. Needless to say, I wasn’t very much of a talker that night. I ended up staying up late to pack for my weekend trip to New York, making sure that I didn’t pack my beloved pink Tweezers or eyelash curler.

Friday morning was hellish. As soon as I sent an e-mail to everybody saying that the database was available, the computer on which the database is hosted decided to crash. If it wasn’t crashing, it wasn’t cooperating with ColdFusion, or wouldn’t let IIS run. It was awful. A lot of running back and forth and I didn’t stop to have a cigarette once. By the time I left work that afternoon, it was barely breathing, and I felt so awful. But I had to get the fuck out of Dodge.

The trip to the airport was uneventful, as was the security check-in. The guards were so cheerful when I asked how they were doing, as nobody else seemed to care. It amazes me how many people I saw carrying Louis Vuitton bags, and how many of those folks totally ignored the security people as they swanned through the metal detectors while prattling into miniscule cellular phones. I bought the latest issue of Vanity Fair, ate some McDonald’s, and coveted some really lovely kitten-heeled mules sitting two rows away.

I originally had an aisle seat, but my flight had precious few passengers so I moved up a row to a window seat with two free seats next to me. I breathed a sigh of relief as we headed east, away from downtown Chicago, as the channel 9 (radio exchange between the pilots and air traffic control) crackled comfort into my ears. I read my magazine, the skymall catalogue for laughs (it featured a letter opener replica of the Green Destiny sword from “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”), and guzzling as much Coke as the flight attendant would give me.

The flight from Chicago to New York is too short for a movie, so I usually amuse myself with the craptastic song selection. But I did like the audio channel featuring artists who have Pullman bonds — David Bowie, the songwriting team of Holland-Dozier-Holland, James Brown, etc. There wasn’t much else to listen to. I could hear the earphones of the girl sitting behind me — she was listening to the spiritual bullshit music channel, which featured the song of an Enya-wannabe. As if Enya wasn’t bad enough, she’s got copycats. The only copycat/tribute band I’m interested in right now are the Diff’rent Strokes, a Strokes tribute band featuring (supposedly) the lead singer of Pulp.

I didn’t sleep on the plane because it wasn’t late and I didn’t want to fuck up my sleep pattern. I wanted to be fresh for what was sure to be another exciting trip home to see my friends, my family, and my fair home, Queens.

You’d better change what comes out your speaker
You’re better off talkin bout your wack Puma sneaker


Jay-Z – Renegade; BDP – The Bridge Is Over; Zero 7 – Distractions; Supergrass – Shotover Hill; Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman – Something Stupid; Everything But The Girl vs. Soul Vision – Tracey in My Room


~ by Jasmine on January 14, 2002.

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