187: give me five minutes and i’ll give you my heart

I didn’t get a chance to tell y’all about tagalog class so here it goes. Because the Filipino-American Historical Society and Museum has lost its home (4000 N Ashland), its books and exhibits, office supplies and furniture, now live at Estrella’s house in Hyde Park. We couldn’t meet at Estrella’s for summer classes, so she got us into the South East Asian Center on Broadway and Carmen. It’s a charming space, formerly a German restaurant now a community center offering daycare for children and senior citizens. It looks like the sort of mock Tudor gift shop you’d see at the Magic Kingdom, and the inside is rather charming. Two long dining rooms, one of which is now furnished with second-hand couches and tables for relaxing. The room where we have class, chalkboard and all, kept its original tables and chairs from restaurant days.

The first class had two non-Flips — Larsis, whose friends are almost all Flip (she herself is Caucasian) and Genea (couldn’t really tell, but she had rather lovely cocoa-colored skin). They didn’t come back for second class, and neither did Rita in her snarky, emo-listening glory. Sally, the instructor, was as boring as ever. Gary would jump in to help at which point we’d all perk up but alas, Gary isn’t teaching the class.

Christine didn’t return for the second class, sending her sister Sharon in her stead. Sharon didn’t seem too keen on Sally’s method of repeating certain points until they were practically tattooed onto our sweaty foreheads. It was a hot day, and the center had a/c but we didn’t want to run up their electric bills. So we made fans out of our handouts and did the best we could. Which was interesting because you’d think that, since most of us were from the Philippines, we could hang with the humidity. Alas, no.

So Jacinda and I went to Bubbleland again to do laundry last night. It was super-cheap, as we went after midnight. There were a lot of young couples and some old people. We all smoked or drank Pepsi, amusing ourselves with the variety shows on Telemundo or eavesdropping on our fellow laundry-doers. The moon was a lovely soft gold, the color of champale, and hunt high above our heads. Jacinda and Joe had sat in the car on the way to the laundromat, going over the restaurants they’d been to for various dates and anniversaries. I rolled my eyes because I hate having to revel in my bitter singleness when I least expect it, and I’d already heard the list before. So I rolled my head back, pretended to snore, and faced the evening’s work ahead of me.

I finally gave in and bought an air conditioner. It cost me a cool $129 and has been happily cooling my bedroom ever since Monday (or was it Tuesday?) night, when I made Foster come over on the pretense of just hanging out and install it for me. I gave him beer, he made fun of my clutter, and it was over in 30 minutes. Hmm, sounds like the last time I got lucky. Boo hoo hoo.

Omigod, Pride is this weekend. Celi and Sebastian are in town. And I’m going to a car race on Sunday. Busy busy busy. Many pictures to take, people to see, and food to eat.



“Whatever, dude. You know you like women.”

[joseline davila]

PS: Michael, thank you for yarn no. 7.


N.E.R.D. – Tape You; The Flashing Lights – Talk To The Hand; Further Seems Forever – Bye Bye Bye; Dusty Springfield – I Think It’s Gonna Rain





~ by Jasmine on June 28, 2002.

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