199: we’re coming in loaded

1. excerpt from e-mail I sent to Charles last week re: flip front 198

On Tue, 13 Aug 2002, Invent Yourself wrote:

But, did you feel guilty for having hated her? Or did you feel like in a sense she had gotten some just desserts? Or, I guess more honestly: how much of each? I can tell you that I would have felt some sense that, at last, there is justice, even if twisted.

That’s the thing. I thought I’d feel like some sort of karmic debt had finally been paid, but I didn’t. I didn’t feel relieved. As far as I know, this girl wasn’t really evil. She was just mean, not just to me but to everybody. I do hold grudges, generally, but by the time I was in high school, Her name was just filed in the back of my mind under the category “Experiences I’d rather not repeat”, not “Things I’ve blocked out because they might have completely ruined the way I’ll experience the rest of my life”. And how crass of me to remember, not just her death, but the way it made me feel and informed my life. I can only imagine that her parents are somewhere, maybe still living in Brooklyn, maybe not, missing her and wondering when they’ll see her again.

2. from New York magazine’s “Intelligencer” column, 8/19/02:

‘If you didn’t get enough of hottie Nick Scotti as the delivery man orally pleasured by Kim Cattrall in a recent episode of Sex and the City, you may soon get to see more of him. Scotti, a model turned actor from Ozone Park, Queens, is shopping around a reality cooking show, Just a Guy Who Can Cook, with Peter Marc Jacobson, the producer of The Nanny. The show was hatched a couple of months ago when the two first met and Scotti told Jacobson how much he loved to cook. “I said, ‘Are you a chef?’ ” Jacobson told us. “He said, ‘No, I’m just a guy who can cook.'”‘

Big fucking deal. I can cook, when I want to. I would absolutely love to create a show, only I’d show video footage of outfits I don’t like and critique them. I’d call it ‘Hello Catty’, and my first guests would be the airhead Trixies on the 146 bus who talked very loudly about what they were going to do that evening, where they were going to shop, and how much they just LOVED the nail polish at Banana Republic. The rather genteel woman standing next to me looked like she was going to vomit.

3. burnin’ hair

I went to Sephora after work Friday evening. I was feeling kinda restless. Nobody wanted to go to Dick’s Last Resort (yuppie bar in River North) for the Elvis karaoke contest but a few of us did want to hang out. I played with the new fall colors from Stila, applied some Boo Boo Zap spot treatment. I turned around and saw a semi-celebrity. I call her ‘Feminem’ but you might know her as Veronica, Aneesa’s cheating girlfriend from “The Real World: Chicago”. I’m kind of ashamed that I recognized her, but if I can’t deal with my vast knowledge of useless semi-celebrities, then who will?

I ended up at the Beachwood with Jacinda, Joe, and Kevin making a list of hot people at the U of C.

It has only just occurred to me now, as I type, that we forgot Jason Shaw, AB ’95, who is a model and boyfriend to one of the Hilton sisters who keep popping up in the gossip columns. He is quite cute, even if he has questionable taste in women.

We didn’t get too far with the hot list (you can only list Huuti Scutt so many times) before we moved onto the “not hot” list. This was so much more entertaining. Kevin has the list of 40 names or so in a small spiral notebook, but I remember most of the names that went on it. Please e-mail me names of people that you think should be on the list. Maybe we should publish it!

Or not. I know it’s mean and catty but it was super-fun. Try it at your next party or University of Chicago reunion and see how far you get.

Jacinda got a little overzealous while talking to Kevin, and set some of her hair on fire when she leaned forward into a tea light on our table at the bar. She is fine. Her hair is long enough and curly enough that, actually, it doesn’t look like she did a damned thing.

4. chicken and everything

I went to the Ginza festival this weekend at the Midwest Buddhist Festival. The smell of chicken teriyaki, gorgeous little Asian children running around, and the sound of the taico drummers made for a lovely afternoon. I got a present for Foster, and gossiped with Gail and Jalissa as they worked at the corn booth. There was a cute boy in the youth taico group, and he was surrounded by groupies for the rest of the day after his performance. My favorite bit of the afternoon was an old Japanese potter named Art who turned out a lovely vase while he nattered on about his golf game.

Christine, Jason, and I went to see “The Good Girl”. It was, well, good. John Doe was in it. To go from founding X to appearing in low budget independent movies seems rather appropriate to me. If you look him up at us.imdb.com, he’s had quite the career. He was in “Get to the Heart: The Barbara Mandrell Story” and “Boogie Nights”, among other things.

I finally got to read “Adrian Mole: The Cappucino Years” Saturday night. Instead of going out, I read the book in one sitting and cleaned my room. It was good, but I still think the best Adrian Mole book was ‘The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole’.

5. errands and Stef

I did very little Sunday afternoon. Bought some CDs, some cute earrings, and the dog and I walked around. I went to Screenz one last time before my cable modem gets installed this week, finally responding to the guy from Nerve personals (look up ‘tzow’ if you’re curious/nosy). I saw David from “The Real World: New Orleans” trying to catch the Clark Street bus. That evening, I hung out with Stef DeLuca. When she wasn’t updating us on her new life at Johns Hopkins, she was trying to make plans with her friends Tucker (Max) and Laura (Logerfo). Kevin, Michael, and I would stop and wait for Stef, then we’d continue talking. At some point, she asked Tucker why he wanted to hang out in Lincoln Park. “What about Lincoln Square? Andersenville?” To which I had to reply: “Because that’s where all the White people are.”

I know it’s evil, but I just can’t help myself sometimes.

6. i’ve been waiting

I’m house-sitting in Hyde Park for Bruce and Joan. It’s very quiet at their house now that the dog has passed away. It feels empty when nobody’s there but me. I bought some groceries at University Market last night, and the same guy with the dark bushy beard and psycho-killer eyes still works there. I think his name is Adam. It was somewhat comforting to see him, and to have a falafel sandwich from the Nile for dinner. I might, just might, have to stop at the Med tonight for a Mexicana milkshake. If DOC Films is showing movies, I might actually have to go. I might have to go smoke in front of Cobb Hall.

7. announcements

a. RCN is discontinuing shell access on September 1st, so I need to find another provider. If you have any suggestions, please send them along.

b. Today is the 17th anniversary of Benigno Aquino’s assassination.

c. Yesterday was Ronan’s 30th birthday.

d. Tomorrow is my brother Patrick’s 21st birthday.

e. That new Jell-O swirled pudding dessert is not as good as it looks.



“You know, if I didn’t know you, I’d think you were cool.”

my friend Andrea


Elvis Presley – Stuck on You; Basement Jaxx – Always Be There; DJ Shadow – Mutual Slump; St. Etienne – 3D Tiger; N*E*RD – Tape You; The Who – Baby Don’t You Do It





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