204: the last girl of summer

1. full dance card?

OK GO are playing at the Metro. Luna are playing at the Empty Bottle. Both shows are next Thursday night. Which do I attend? Write me and let me know what you think I should do.

2. my brother patrick wants to know

“How do i tell an overly aggressive stuck-up woman to have a nice warm glass of ‘shut the hell up’ because nobody wants to do what she says?”

3. still funny

“”You couldn’t fool your mother on the foolingest day of your life if you had an electrified fooling machine.”

4. my idea

I saw ‘The Notorious C.H.O’ again Friday night. After a long, rather dull day at work, I wanted to laugh so me and some of the supas (Kevin, Jorge, Kathy, Michael) saw the movie, then had post-dinner drinks at The Duke of Perth. They didn’t have deep-fried Snickers or Twinkies, so I just drank a lot. And for those of y’all who know my intolerance of the alcohol, ya know a lot for me means:

  1. Strongbow cider (1 bottle)

  2. hot toddy w/ Scotch (1 mug with lemon & cloves)

  3. 1 Coca Cola (pint)

  4. 1 water (glass, with ice)

And so we’re talking about the movie, and how Margaret is so great and how guys at Market Days thought I was her and whatever. And the jokes I make are kinda like hers, I think. Anyway, if I ever wanted to perform I’d want to get up on a stage and tell my stories. I could open for Margaret, billing myself as her ‘Maxi-Me’ – I’d come out dressed in the same outfit as her, tell some bad jokes, do some impressions of my mum (‘Jusmeen! Hap you lost any weight? Go to church!’). My job would be to further Margaret’s fierceness, and hope that some of it would rub off on me.

5. a night on the left bank

I finally got to see Andrea after she spent the summer digging up graves in Albany. We ate at Earwax, where she found a live grasshopper in her salad. She was not charged for her dinner. I had my usual ham & brie sandwich, a fizzy cherry lemonade, and we split an order of chips & salsa. Daphne joined us for coffee, and she looked great. She lost a shite-load of weight and is my hero, though I could not go vegetarian like her. I just love my ham and brie sandwiches too much.

While we were eating, Daphne’s friend Bonafide showed up. It was nice to see him in the crowds of yuppies who were flooding Milwaukee Avenue for the ‘Round the Coyote art festival. To see anyone who was not a slack-jawed suburbanite was refreshing, really. I allowed Bonafide to sell me a book of his poetry, as I am a patron of the arts and I cannot be stopped. he read a poem to me. His friend Seymour recited some verse, then they disappeared into the crowds to sell more books.

After dinner, we wandered down to a pizza place for dessert, stopping at Lenny & Me (consignment shop on Milwaukee, formerly on Damen) so I can drool over some Costume National sandals that were just too small. But I did find a nice pin, and a cute bag. Division Street was a nice antidote to the yuppies on Milwaukee Avenue, until we got to Wood Street where the kids were out in full force. I could not finish my dessert, so I gave it to Daphne to take home. Andrea and I had a nightcap at the Beachwood, where we lost a pool game to some boys named Doug (cute) and Steve (less so) in, like, three minutes. It was so very sad. Carla the bartender gave me a rum & coke, only charging me for the coke part, and she told us that Whisky the dog is alive and well. He’s just not allowed to hang out in the bar as the Health Department says it’s illegal. What-ever. Sometimes, he’ll hang out Tuesday nights after 8pm, so I guess you all know where I’ll be next week.

When Andrea and I first walked into the bar, I saw a boy that I thought I knew. I stopped for a second, to think “You look like someone I used to . . .” okay not ‘love’ but “be in total like with” just doesn’t sound as poetic. And it’s not like the boy really knew this, though I sometimes wish one of my friends, having suffered through my little ranting meditations him, would have just told him and spared me the responsibility but none of the humiliation of revealing my hand.

Hi, my name is Jasmine, and I like to dwell on the past.

6. “But you look so good it hurts sometimes”

John Mayer has a song called ‘Your Body Is A Wonderland’, and I think that it’s sweet in a sort of candy-ass way. Of course, I spent Saturday afternoon buying clothes for myself and, having spent four hours looking at myself in unflattering, fluorescent changing room lights, I can honestly say that my body is not a wonderland, but a halfway house.

7. patrick again

Patrick has a nice girlfriend. Her name is Anna. You can see a picture of her at http://oak.conncoll.edu/ccasa/images/APAmonth2002/annadrawing.jpg. Isn’t she cute? I’m going to bust my brother right now by saying that, instead of coming to New York to hang with me and la famille last week, he stayed in Connecticut to kick it with his girl. I don’t blame him, as I would have done the same. But of course, he couldn’t tell my parents the real reason why he stayed behind so he LIED and said he had to study.

Bwa ha ha ha ha.

8. updates, please

For you close, personal friends of mine, please send some of the requested information. For those people who are not so close and personal, go ahead and do the same. And for those people who I haven’t seen in ages, either because you’re live far way, or you’re busy working/going to school/being married/starting a family, send me your info if only so I know that you’re not trapped under a water buffalo somewhere and that’s the reason why you haven’t written in so bloody long.


a. birthday

b. anniversary

c. favorite color

d. favorite food

e. favorite movie/actor/director

f. favorite song/band

g. favorite author/book

h. allergies

i. t-shirt size

j. inseam

This will help me in buying you presents. If there’s one thing I can say about myself, it’s that I am a great gift-giver. I may not be consistent, but when I hit it, I hit it hard.

9. Pictures for this flip front were available at http://www.eskimo.com/~jasmine/204/.

10. I spent September 11th at work, looking out the window at the tall, tall buildings nearby. I read old e-mails from this time last year, and I was really glad then to have been able to connect with my friends then and now, if I couldn’t be at home with my family. So thanks, you guys.




Prince – The Beautiful Ones; Frank Sinatra – Summer Wind; The Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen In Love





~ by Jasmine on September 15, 2002.

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