221: thanksgiving

1. Jacinda’s comments on the news that Elvis Costello is getting a divorce and will be single for the first time in 16 years

“So Elvis is getting a divorce? Merry Christmas to me!”

2. hot toddies

I tried to get a crew together to see “8 Crazy Nights” but nobody wanted to see it because it was fucking cold Wednesday night. Also, the movie sucks. So I met Jenny and her friend Ben for a “Roger Dodger” at my neighborhood artsy-fartsy theatre. We bought our tickets and, because we had an hour to waste until the movie started, we went to the Duke of Perth for hot toddies and chips.

“Roger Dodger” was okay. Campbell Scott sounded a little too much like Christian Bale’s Patrick Batemen in “American Psycho”, but the crisp writing made up for that. I think it would have been fun to be in this movie and speak such funny dialogue. Also, where else but in “Roger Dodger” can you find Jennifer “Flashdance” Beals and Elizabeth “Saved by The Bell” Berkley in the same cast?

I got home from the movie at midnight to find Jacinda and Dan hanging out. Jacinda was reading ‘Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire’ while Dan played a computer game. I settled in to write flip front 220. A few hours later, it was 2:00 am. Dan was still playing, I was now buying cheap skirts on http://www.newport-news.com, and Jacinda was still reading her book.

3. no gravy, no cry.

Jacinda and I stayed up until 5am. She cleaned, I smoked. Her mum was coming in 10 hours and I had to be at Maria & Jolanta’s in 7 hours for Thanksgiving dinner, ideally with some sort of vegetable dish in hand. Setting my alarm for 9:30, I thought I could get up, toddle down to Dominick’s for some broccoli or whatever, and make something at home with the television tuned to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. I was, as ever, completely wrong. Getting up at 1:45 pm, I got dressed and hailed a taxi to Maria & Jolanta’s apartment. I stopped at Walgreen’s to bring a gift for the dog, and some bridge mix because it just isn’t a party until there is an assortment of chocolate-covered nuts on the coffee table.

Because I didn’t bring a vegetable dish, there was a salad and the traditional green bean casserole with bacon. I think Maria and I were the only two people who ate our salads. We didn’t say grace, either, but it’s kind of hard to give a big ups to the Lord when you’re knee-deep in ham, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams with marshmallows, and the greatest macaroni and cheese that has ever seen the light of day. I had two helpings of just about everything.

And then there was the pie. The apple pie looked so good, I wanted to date it. And not in that nasty, “American Pie” sort of way, thank you very much, you perverts. My heart belonged to the chocolate pecan pie, which made my eyes tear, it was so good. We watched ‘Ocean’s 11’ on DVD, then I had to scoot on up to Nate’s to see Celi and their friends.

Nate made a goose again, which I had no room for. I did, however, have room for more pie (pumpkin from Baker’s Square) and bonded with Celi. Cast of characters is as follows:

  • Celi: Lives in LA. Dates Nate. Applying to architecture school. Is an original partner in crime of mine. One of the founders of the ‘Boys Worth Having’ list.
  • Elizabeth: Lives in Chicago. Nate’s cousin. Flawless eye makeup. Is a makeup artist at the Marshall Field’s in Water Tower Place – Paula Dorf counter, so go find her, tell her I sent you, and then buy some stuff from her so she’ll get a commission.
  • Kara: Lives in Chicago. Worked at the evil antique gallery where Jacinda worked for most of this year. Uses her hands when she talks.
  • Roxy: Small. Gray. Possibly a schnauzer-terrier mix. Belongs to Kara. Very laidback. She would sprawl on Kara’s lap and not move for long periods of time. She’d let anyone pick her up and hold her. If only people were that friendly.
  • Dave: Lives in Chicago. I think he’s a student. He’s my friend Christine’s ex-boyfriend, but I knew him before that. I went to college with him, and with everybody at Nate’s, actually. First made Dave’s acquaintance during a summer program in Oxford, England, summer 1993.
  • Ryon: Grad student at Northwestern. One of Nate and Celi’s oldest pals. Has a tattoo of a bullfighter and bull on the inside of his left forearm.
  • Matt: Former U of C punk now a medical student at U of I. Super-nice. Has an obscure art tattoo on his right breastbone. Knows who Arnold Davidson is.
  • Nate: Our host. Works with me, though in different company. Don’t know if he was ever on the ‘boys worth having’ list concocted by me, Celi, Seema, and Emily “M.I.A.” Crowe, but he should be. He was the guy who told me that after I graduated from college that anyone who had a crush on me then would come forward. They never did, so I’ve never quite forgiven him for that.

We decided to play a game. Monopoly was out, after last year’s game nearly descended into violence. We played Celebrity, a variation of Taboo with celebrity names to guess at instead of words and phrases. I put in ‘Andrew Shoenthal’ for our second game, which I was unable to mime for my teammates during the Charades-like round. Charles Bukowski was easy – mime shooting up, then writing. Or Richard Simmons – do jumping jacks and mime really big hair. Celi managed to mime Andrew, though, and we won. A lot. We even put money on the last game, but because teams kept changing we didn’t know who to give the money to. Eventually, I had to go home and go to bed because, ugh, I actually had to work in the morning.

Next time, in “news from the flip front”:

  • sick day!
  • ‘putting the ass in acid wash’
  • Kathy’s birthday brunch
  • oh, it’s really f**king cold
  • why Dan’s friends will never like me and Jacinda (hint: it’s all Kenneth Branagh’s fault)

~ by Jasmine on December 4, 2002.

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