257: conjugate "dig"

1. a word from one of my friends about Ephram (cutie-pants from “Everwood”):

“boys didn’t look like that when we were 16 b/c the guy who plays ephram is 19 and i know this b/c i had to find out his age before i could free

myself to fantasize about him w/o feeling guilty.”

2. songs from Jasmine’s Nasty Girl mix

Vanity 6, “Nasty Girl”

Peaches, “Lovertits”

Liz Phair, “H.W.C.”

Fischerspooner, “Mega-Colon”

Tweet, “Oops (Oh My)”

Missy Elliott, “Step Off”

Mary Jane Girls, “All Night Long”

Liz Phair, “Flower”

3. Wire

I saw Wire for free last Wednesday night. Why? ‘Cos I’m special. Also, I won tickets from the Onion. They put me on their guest list. I am so cool. My punk rock credibility has been assured up to a perfectly safe level. Though I refuse to take to the streets wearing suspenders and a Fred Perry knit shirt, or in a torn skirt held together with safety pins. I tried it once and that look is just not for me.

I took Jeremy because he’s a musician and I like taking musicians to shows so they can hip me to expert language that I can use to explain why I liked a particular show. I’ve said before that my music reviewing skills are limited to exploiting such phrases as “jangly guitar pop” and “decadent deep house”. I suck mightily, which is unfair because I love music so. And you’d think that for somebody who writes so much that I would have picked up some more phrases already. Or gotten a better editor, meaning somebody who is not me.

We got a table with a decent view, though we were surrounded by aging hipsters wearing last season’s eyeglasses and dirty hippie couples who insisted on making out right next to me as I tried to drink my gimlet in peace. It was kind of gross. It was nice to see all these earnest-looking types singing along, eyes closed, with the band.

4. why is this flip front so dang short?

I spent most of last week fretting over my entry for this contest. I finished my essay Friday morning, with Doug’s help. As I spent most of my writing mojo on that piece, I’m feeling kind of uninpired when called upon to describe what was a fairly mundane week. Actually, wait a tick on me characterizing last week as “mundane” . . .

5. lick me, it’s legal

The Supreme Court declared the Texas sodomy statute unconstitional. So sodomy is legal. I celebrated, first by playing Charlie Rich’s “Behind Closed Doors” (“‘cos no one knows what goes on behind closed doors”) and second by attending what became Chicago’s largest gay pride parade yet. But I’ll leave that for the next flip front.

Oh, and Strom Thurmond and Lester Maddox passed away last week, too. I’m not sad about that, either.

Sweatin’ like Whitney Houston going through customs,



The Beta Band – Push It Out; The Clash – Train In Vain; Liz Phair – Extraordinary; Elvis Presley – I’m Comin’ Home (alternate take #3)






~ by Jasmine on July 1, 2003.

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