266: and then he kissed me

1. Tuesday (7/29/03)

I’m on the train to Ravinia, trying to find something to do. I left both my iPod and my book at home, so I have no choice but to apply and reapply my lip gloss while trying to read over the shoulder of the guy sitting next to me. He’s reading the WSJ, and he is not sharing. Bastard. I turn my head and busy myself scrutinizing the jewelry sported by the earnest-looking hipsters in my train car. They clutch copies of the New Yorker, or check on their homemade insalata caprese to make sure none of the viniagrette has soaked through to their paper Whole Foods carrier bags.

I get off the train at Ravinia, where Christine meets me at the gate with my ticket. We mosey over to her blankets in silence, as the evening’s attraction, Joao Gilberto, either requested it or the venue did so they could record the concert. I inhale some soba noodles with peanut sauce, drink a glass of white wine. I am starving I get myself a cheeseburger, share some fries with Sharon, Christine, and Marshall. The night is cool and lovely and when Joao starts singing “‘S Wonderful” I stare up at the stars and will a cuter hipster boy to emerge from the trees and make out, but alas, no. Just a lot of older couples, small children, gaggle of teenage girls — the usual.

2. Wednesday (7/30/03)

Carlos Mencia at Zanies. Hysterical, though I could have done without the barking guys who sat right behind me and wouldn’t shut up throughout the *three hour* set. Before the show, Christine and I go to Dinotto for dinner. We split a bunch of things, and the loud baby boomers next to us buy us drinks. I guess it pays to be cute in this town, la la la.

3. things i love right now

my new emery board – sturdy, orange on one side and blue with 3-D ducks on the other

my three week old pedicure – still looking pretty dang good. I kind of hate the fact that cosmetic shades with tackyass names like “Samoan Sand” or “Shanghai Express” look aight on me, but I’m getting over it.

procrastination – yeah, i know i usually send out these flip fronts about twice a week, with the Tuesday edition covering Friday through Monday, and the Friday edition covering Tuesday through Thursday. but sometimes you just gotta kick back and watch Lifetime until the cows come marching home (hurrah, hurrah)

Sweatin’ like Whitney Houston going through customs,



Ike & Tina Turner – I Think It’s Gonna Work Out Fine; James Brown – There Was A Time; Al Green – Georgia Boy; The Rolling Stones – It’s All Over Now; Lou Rawls – Your Good Thing (Is About To End); The Marvelettes – Too Many Fish In The Sea







~ by Jasmine on August 8, 2003.

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