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I dragged my friend Jeff with me to look at an apartment last week. The apartment made me kind of sad – dirty, 30 yards from the elevated tracks of the Western stop on the blue line. The apartment reeked of what it’s current resident liked to call “Spanish rice”. Her forehead was shiny with sweat as I stood sweltering in her apartment, trying to imagine my Hello Kitty toaster in her kitchen. The laundry facilities? A Spin Cycle laundromat three blocks away. Hell no. Jeff and I went to the Pontiac for sandwiches afterwards, which was nice.

I tend not to go out on school nights, but summer is only about two months long around here so I will make exceptions for the right gig. Case in point: Anna Fermin’s Trigger Gospel at Schubas. Tiny, gorgeous Filipino woman singing bluesy country songs. Also, a feisty version of “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps”, one of my favorite songs. Though the opening act, Lisa Derosia & Lush Budgett, had the best cover of the night with The Chi-Lites “Have You Seen Her?” I liked Lisa & Lush Budgett a lot, so if you see either of these ladies playing near you, go see them.

(Foster: Guess who was our waitress? It was Mia from Kim.)

While I sat with Christine, drinking my Leinie’s Honey Weiss (decent, but I prefer Leinie’s Red, which Schubas does not have), I imagined myself up on stage and composed my ideal set list (in no particular order):

Morrissey, “Certain People I Know”

Shudder to Think, “Speed of Love”

Led Zeppelin, “Rock n’ Roll”

“Dark End of The Street” (many versions of this song exist – I prefer Percy Sledge’s)

10,000 Maniacs, “Verdi Cries” (I know it’s true but I still like it)

Andy Gibb, “I Just Wanna Be Your Everything”

And wouldn’t this be a show you’d like to see – me wearing a cute outfit fronting a band complete with a cute boy playing a steel guitar? I’d end every show with Roy Orbison’s “Crying” (if I’m feeling sad) or “Sit Down, You’re Rocking The Boat” (if I’m feeling happy). I’d encourage audience members to throw flower petals and confetti made from their shredded programs. It could be like “The Rose”, only without the depressing drug and alcohol addiction bullshit.

But then I realized the next night (Thursday 8/7/03, in case you were wondering) at Ravinia that you must have talent in order to sing and make music that people would want to hear. After all, some people would say my music career came to an end in high school after I knocked myself out with my handbells one too many times. Stop laughing – that shit really hurt. And the dent stays in your forehead all day.

Ravinia, featuring the always lovely Yo-Yo Ma, was great. I brought another 8-piece of chicken from Popeye’s, Christine’s sister Sharon made delicious sandwiches with grilled vegetables, and Christine made these insane dessert bars of coconut, granola, chocolate chips, and all sorts of stuff I could not identify by sight as evening set in. Christine and I wandered around, ogling the facelifts of those North Shore socialites who always sit in the pavilion. There was a quartet of elderly women sitting down to a table set with real silver – teapot, candelabra, heavy cutlery – on a linen tablecloth. We found the U of C contingent by the south gate – a small banner with the University crest/logo/shield/whatever, a card table with chocolate chip cookies and red Twizzlers. One cute boy who seemed to check out Christine, and then we made our way back to our blankets for the concert.

I fidgeted a lot, trying to find a good position on the grass. On my side facing towards the pavilion – I’m staring at the head of the preppie guy in front of me. On my side facing the back of the park – staring at Sharon’s arse. On my back was probably the best – spine straightened out, looked up at the stars, ears open to the samba and merengue and tango. I dreamed about playing the maracas with Yo-Yo Ma, with nary a handbell in sight.

Sweatin’ like Whitney Houston going through customs,



Led Zeppelin – Dancing Days; The O’ Jays – Love Train; Queens Of The Stone Age – Song For The Dead; Jean Simmons – If I Were A Bell






~ by Jasmine on August 12, 2003.

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