299: eurasian in the sun

1. A quick note

I have a new boyfriend. This is what he looks like:


2. catching up

5/6/04: Jenny’s last night in town before flying back to Stutgartt, and

a piece of hers was having its world premiere at the Renaissance Society.

So Erin and I drove down to Hyde Park, stopping for a quick beer at

Jimmy’s beforehand. The weather was crap, so I felt tucked in as I drank

my Leinie’s Red, ate my cheeseburger, and shared an order of fries with

Erin. She seemed to think Jimmy’s was cute, which was no surprise, as

Jimmy’s is the cutest bar in the world. I loved going there for lunch

when I worked on campus in the summers, and lying to my bosses when I’d

come back to work all flushed and stinking of gin.

The Renaissance Society is housed in Cobb Hall, where most of my core

humanities and social sciences met when I was in college. During

intermission, I showed Erin and Sarah the spot in front of the building

where I used to chain-smoke and gossip. All of the pieces were performed

by some very earnest-looking Europeans, including a girl in a long

midnight blue Lurex dress that wasn’t especially fetching on her figure.

In the first piece, she’d say “Ladies . . . gentleman . . . please

jingle your pocket change.” Which was silly, but I did it anyway. Sarah

and I took turns pouring change into each other’s hands.

5/7/04: Dinner with Theresa at the always-excellent Moti Mahal. DVD of

“Intolerable Cruelty” at her house afterwards. Home by 10:30.

5/8/04: It was a gorgeous day, and I had a full day ahead of me. I had

crepes with Khloe and Jeff. I read Rocco DiSpirito’s new cookbook

“Flavor” and marveled at the photography while they went to work

chopping herbs, softening butter, and breaking loads of eggs. I drank

coffee and mooned over the 1 lb. brick of havarti at my side. Ate

mesclun greens with shaved parmesan, herbed crepes stuffed with havarti,

and bittersweet chocolate crepes. There was orange marmalade, and

raspberry preserve with the pips still in, and fresh coffee. It was

heavenly. After breakfast, we drove to Navy Pier to check out

ArtChicago. Hundreds of art people in chic black togs and funky glasses

milled about, sniffing the air for what was undoubtedly the smell of

pretension. And Jacinda was there, working the booth for her gallery, as

was my BA advisor from college (she is a photographer, and had some

pieces at another gallery’s booth — also, she dates Jacinda’s boss!).

Oh, and this supercute English guy but I didn’t talk to him because I’m

a sucker.

That evening, Kathy and I went to see Samahan put on their annual dinner

and show. Kathy had gotten free tickets, so after a very delicious

Filipino dinner we had some nice seats for three hours of dances and

skits. It kind of made me sad that not all of the student took the stage

to sing the Filipino national anthem, and those that did seemed

completely terrified. Some of the dances were incredible though, like

the singkil, the habanera de jovencita, sakuting, and the ever-popular

tinikling. My great-aunt would have been disappointed that there was no

pandaggo sa ilaw (http://members.aol.com/aompod/photo3.html). The whole

evening gave me an idea for my next screenplay (assuming I ever get

around to writing the first two) — “My Cousin Bong-Bong’s Big Fat

Pilipino Baptism”. Don’t worry — parts will be written for all of you.

3. quick notes

a. Ladies: the herbal wrap at Thousand Waves is great. I had to remove

my bathing suit, my security blanket in a spa full of naked White

ladies, but it was okay. My girl Robin wrapped me in a papoose-like

concoction of sheets and let me chill out by myself.

b. Go see “Napoleon Dynamite” when it opens on June 11. I went to

another screening with Dan, and Joe and Jacinda came along for the fun.

Jacinda said she thought “Welcome to The Dollhouse” was better, but she

was WRONG. So I spent all of last week text-messaging her lines from the

movie: “I’ll build you a cake.” “Tina, come get some ham!”

c. Cardow was home last weekend, so she had a barbecue. I finally got to

reacquaint myself with the famous Allon and his fabulous wife, whose

name I will not even try to spell but it sounds like “Marucha”. Very

pretty, and freaking hysterical. Also at the barbecue was a four month

old beagle named Charlie, the cutest puppy in the world. The other dogs

in attendance hid their jealousy pretty well.

d. I have a new makeout mix and, because I have the use of Kevin’s

laptop, I will burn a copy of it for the person who scores the highest

on the test in the next flip front. Track listing below.



“You have a sunny disposition and you are always thinking of other people.

Unfortunately it’s usually someone else’s boyfriend.”


Pharcyde – Ya Mama; The Mamas & The Papas – Dedicated to The One I Love;

Queen – Tie Your Mother Down; Jan Bradley – Mama Didn’t Lie; The Beatles

– Mother Nature’s Son; Shelby Lynne – Mother; Prince – Sexy MF





“la la la” (Jasmine’s makeout mix track listing)

1. The Cardigans, “Erase/Rewind”

2. Rufus Wainwright, “My Phone’s On Vibrate For You”

3. Joni Mitchell, “A Case Of You”

4. South, “Paint The Silence”

5. The Stone Roses, “Your star will shine”

6. Rufus Wainwright, “Across The Universe”

7. Shudder to Think feat. John Doe, “Speed Of Love”

8. Caetano Veloso, “Cucurrucucu Paloma”

9. Jeff Buckley, “Last Goodbye”

10. PJ Harvey, “We Float”

11. Erykah Badu, Love Of My Life (An Ode to Hip-Hop)”

12. Sade, “By Your Side (Cottonbelly’s Fola mix)”

13. Rufus & Chaka Khan, “Sweet Thing”


~ by Jasmine on May 18, 2004.

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