302: what did i miss?

1. It wasn’t Ellen Barkin that I saw at Sean’s graduation from The Actor’s Studio but Ellen Burstyn.

2. U of C reunion. First weekend of June. Sean (Stevenson) and Matt (Irvin) were in town, so we met up for a boozy good time at Carol’s Pub for dancing. Apparently, I staged a coup when I got Dan (Meltz) to dance with me. Jacinda: “How did you get him to dance?” Me: “I asked.” See, now you know all my secrets.

(Oh, and the new season of Degrassi premiered before I went out, so I watched the ep — what, where’s the storyline about Manny the ‘ho getting knocked up? — and talked to Thom, my fellow Degrassi addict.)

3. Breakfast with Jalissa and Sean. Victory’s Banner. Saturday after Carol’s, but I’m not hungover so I feel fantastic. Jalissa and I make some preliminary plans for Jacinda’s bridal shower. The girl sitting at the table next to me kicks her shoes off and puts her bare feet up on the banquette next to me. I nearly gag from the sight of her dry, unpedicured feet.

4. Dinner with Jacinda, Joe, and Theresa. Greek Islands restaurant. While waiting for Theresa, Jacinda, Joe, and I make fun of the other guests — trashy hair, bad makeup, ill-mannered. I even go so far as to point out somebody to Jacinda and ask her “Doesn’t she make you feel ashamed to be white?” and Jacinda cracks up. Later at dinner, we talk about real estate and all the meat that appears in what was supposed to be Theresa’s meatless dinner. The waiter brings her a corrected version of her dinner. I have the lamb, and spanakopita.

5. Jimmy’s. Saturday of Reunion Weekend. I’m sitting in the back room with Sean, Joe, Jacinda, Sean Foley, and Sienna, who I discover is a friend of Jen Adams, too. That Jen, she knows such nice people. We drink a great deal, but not for as long as the year before. Jimmy’s isn’t full like it was for my reunion. What’s up with the class of ’99 not “bringing it” and closing the bar out?

6. Sunday. Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban with Thom, Kevin, and Adrienne. Afterwards, we consume white castle and watch “Pimp My Ride”.

7. Thom is in an a cappella group at Pritzker called “Say Ah!”. I think they should have gone with “Deep Throat” — hilarious! They perform in one of the larger classrooms at the BSLC, the same room where I used to sit with Scott Combs in NatSci and make fun of our TA. They’re pretty good, but why are all the female singers crazy about Sarah MacLachlan? Bo-ring. Thom sings “My Girl” and another Motown song that I cannot remember, and he is fabulous. His colleagues are considerably less fabulous, except for the gorgeous South Asian girl wearing the killer sandals, but they all sing very well. Afterwards, we go to Jimmy’s to consume burgers and a mountain of fries.


The Who – Baby Don’t You Do It; Danger Mouse – Change Clothes (still not tired of “The Grey Album”); The Stone Roses – Begging You; GZA – Gold






~ by Jasmine on June 18, 2004.

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