305: shoes in the closet

Officially, my iPod fell. Much like Blanche Hudson, it had an accident. I was at the gym, getting ready to cue up another 20-minute playlist for me to listen to while I got ready for another brisk jaunt on the treadmill. It slipped, fell once on the *one* corner that was not enclosed in its case, and promptly went kaput. I was so upset, I trudged off to the elliptical trainer where I huffed away for 15 minutes while I watched CNN just so I would have something to listen to while I worked out. I took the iPod to the Apple store twice on Wednesday, once during lunch and once after work, but I didn’t have the hour required during each visit to be seen by a tech, so I left in a huff both times. Wednesday night, I consoled myself with a third trip to see “Shrek 2” (this time with Kevin and Jacinda), where I ate a great deal of popcorn and goofed off.

Getting to Ravinia is a chore, but well worth it if you’re with friends and if the music is alright. I repeated this to myself as I waited on the platform for the train, hiding in my book (Sense and Sensibility) as teenage suburban hippies wandered up and down platform 7. Yuppies with spray-on tans and heavy wicker baskets full of salad and Miller Lite padded up and down the platform, chortling into cell phones. I was meeting Erin, Sarah, and some of Erin’s friends at Ravinia, so until then I read my book next to a girl who spent the ride blathering about her “totally awesome vinaigrette” to her similarly Trixiefied pal in the seat ahead of us. But all was good once the train pulled up to the station, though there was a 15 minute wait to cross the tracks into the park proper, and then another few minutes spent waiting for Erin, Sarah, and the rest of the gang. I amused myself by smoking and passing silent judgment on people’s poor choice of outfits. Lots of skinny hippie girls in dirty camisoles and skirts made out of hemp or what would appear to be quilts, folded and pleated into an attempt at dishevelment that made me feel dirty by association. Teenage boys wearing visors backwards, cargo shorts, dirty flip flops were trying to captivate those teenage girls currently caught in an prep revival with their pleated tennis skirts and polo shirts, fake pearls and real Tiffany charm bracelets. The concert itself was fine — I’m indifferent to Ben Folds, but *love* Rufus Wainwright. I ate fried chicken and all sorts of junk food that I love. Also, some veggies, so the evening wasn’t a complete nutritional waste. Took pictures of my friends, made everybody listen to my new phone ringer (Outkast “So Fresh, So Clean”), and enjoyed an unseasonably cool summer evening.

And no, I didn’t get up early to work out. I didn’t go to the tailor to get the muslin for my bridesmaid dress fitted (I tried it on over my clothes Friday, and it fit just fine, so I may just send it back unmarked). I got up, laughed at the mountain of dishes I had to wash, and tidied up a little bit. Organized some stationery into piles. Thought about mopping my bathroom floor, and laughed again. Kathy and Adrienne picked me up at 11:30 so we could go to Woodfield and find me something to wear to Seema’s wedding. I have a dress I could wear, but it’s the dress I wore to everybody’s wedding in 2002 and 2003, so I didn’t want to haul it out. Especially as it fits just so and I hate constant reminders that I am no smaller (or no bigger, thank god) than I am two years ago when I bought the wretched thing in the first place. Also, I had to drop off my iPod at the Apple store to see if they could do anything about it. And they could — I got a new one, though I should not have said I dropped it. If I had said it just stopped working, the Pro would not have glared at me as he warned me never to do it again. I skulked out of the store and vowed to keep my iPod swaddled in bubble wrap forever.

We made our way down to Torrid, stopping at Ann Taylor to see if I could find some shoes for Jacinda’s wedding. The perfect sandal was, in fact, there, but not in my size. So down to Torrid (http://www.torrid.com). It’s not that important to know my exact size, only that it’s in the double digits and not that much less than my physical age. But I’m pretty immature, so I thought that Torrid could certainly present me with some cute options for Seema’s wedding, and cheaply to boot. Oh, it was cheap, alright, but maybe a little too cheap. Kathy pointed to a pinstriped ballgown with elasticated straps and zippers, and it took me about five minutes to figure out she was joking. She also pointed out this: http://www.torrid.com/Assets/product_images/zm/526832_zm.jpg. Overall, the shop was a bit young, and a little too casual. I did buy this skirt: http://www.torrid.com/Assets/product_images/zm/513765_zm.jpg. I don’t plan to wear it with lace up gladiator platform sandals, as shown in the picture, though. Adrienne bought some lovely tops at New York & Co. while Kathy and I had some drinks and dreamed about Todai, the Japanese buffet where we planned to eat lunch. However, Todai was closing just as we arrived so we ate at the Cheesecake Factory instead. Adrienne gave her name to the hostess as Rockfeller, so maybe that’s why we were seated at a huge corner booth? I brainstormed ideas for the flip fronts fourth birthday party, which I’d like to have in August so Michael can come. Kathy and Adrienne seemed to dig the “Come as Your Favorite Stereotype” theme, though I think I may go with “Come as Your Favorite Dictator” instead. A few more shops after lunch, then back to my house to watch the first season of “The Office”, veg out, and hang out.

The rest of the weekend passed in something of a blur. Got a $15 pedicure, which came out great, at Nail Spa on Clybourn & Willow. Jacinda got acrylics to keep her from biting her nails before the wedding. Jalissa got a pedicure, too, and it came out gorgeous as well. Bought real dinner plates at the Crate & Barrel outlet so Maria, you can top making fun of my plastic dinnerware. Saw ‘Imelda’ (http://www.imeldathemovie.com), which I recommend for you Flips and non-Flips alike, with Kevin, Adrienne, Khloe, and Jeff. Realized that with some work I could probably host my dictators party as Imelda Marcos, terno (see http://store2.yimg.com/I/mybarong_1799_56342576 for an example) and all. Realized that Imelda’s daughter Imee (http://www.imeermarcos.com) is quite beautiful. Went home with Kevin after the movie to watch “Six Feet Under”, wash more dishes, and go to bed.

Oh, and about “Six Feet Under”: dude. Justin Theroux’s ass? Nice.

Okay, two things about Monday:

1. I went to Vive la Femme (http://www.vivelafemme.com), again to find something to wear. The owner almost berated me for wanting to wear something a bit tailored instead of the fringed, asymmetrically hemmed, Stevie Nicks frocks she was throwing at me over the dressing room curtain. I looked like a balloon with a shawl thrown over it, so I thanked her and went home to eat dinner and watch . . .

2. “Me Without You” (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0263725): Oh Kim, it made me so sad about us, though as far as I know you never slept with any men that I was in love with. And I don’t believe that I did the same to you. I just watched the movie, considered the spaces and distances I’ve created in my life, and wondered if I should start wearing old 50s party dresses to Goth clubs around town.



“I love it when people say, ‘I just can’t tell any of you people apart!’ Why do you have to tell us apart? Are we going to be separated for some reason? I mean, I can’t fucking tell us apart. I don’t have a chip embedded in my neck that automatically identifies every Asiatic person that I know: ‘Beep beep beep beep beep . . . Filipino!'”

(Margaret Cho)


De La Soul – Change in Speak; David Bowie – Waiting For The Man; The Drifters – Save The Last Dance for Me; Echo & The Bunnymen – The Cutter






~ by Jasmine on June 22, 2004.

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  1. Um…word on Justin Theroux’s ass. I mean, mmm…

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