306: you can’t wash out the color and keep the flavor

Kim: “I was dress-shopping for a friend’s wedding and it seems as though Bloomingdale’s has hatched up a plot to make all women dress up like flamenco dancers.”

Okay, I’m glad to hear it’s not just me that’s having problems finding something pretty to wear. That I’m not alone in my lack of enthusiasm for those slip dresses with asymmetrical hems, those frocks with long sleeves slashed to resemble crepe paper streamers. I like skirts that fall to just below your knees, instead of falling in sharp triangular swatches, alternately revealing too much skin or dragging on the ground. I like t-shirts with sleeves that end just above my elbow, and aren’t punctured by holes or decorative hardware. And trousers that are unencumbered by straps, cargo pockets, zippers, tags, and D-rings. They look fine on other people, just not on me.

I saw “Fahrenheit 911” Friday night. I was really angry and sad and frustrated when I got out of the theater, which is a good thing because getting riled up about Iraq is a good thing. But it sucks when you can’t vote (though I suppose I probably could have voted in the last Philippine presidential election). So now that my two youngest siblings are now 18, I will make sure they register and get properly informed so, come November, they know what button to punch.

*Kathy & Jasmine do Chicago* (6/26/04)

11:20: “Dodgeball” at Webster Place. It was $6 for the matinee, so I put the money I saved towards a bigass bag of popcorn. I’d already seen “Dodgeball”, and it was just as much fun the second time around. I found that I could not wait for the games to start so I could see balls and wrenches flying.

2:00: Taste of Chicago. Kathy took her chances, and parked at a metered spot in the West Loop, though we did not have sufficient quarters. We walked east, carried along the crowd surging towards the park and the smell of fried dough, alligator soup, catfish, cheesecake, fried rice, and countless other items of food just waiting for us. Kathy looked for the registration for Race to The Taste, and I plotted my menu for the afternoon. As the only thing I’d had to eat that day was the popcorn and some fruit punch, I could feel my blood sugar drop down and I got a little clumsy. You would think I was drunk or high, but no. As registration for the run was all the way at the other end of the festival, I stopped somewhere to chug a sample of a new Hawaiian Punch drink (I think) before we finally bought some tickets and ate:

roti canai (Penang Malaysian Cuisine)

sausage pizza (Connie’s Pizza)

meatball sandwich (Connie’s Pizza)

catfish nuggets (B.J.’s Market & Bakery)

strawberry cheesecake (Eli’s Cheesecake)

cheeseburgers (Billy Goat Tavern & Grill)

Afterwards, we went back to my house to watch reality television and digest. Of course, I wanted to eat dinner, as the Billy Goat cheeseburgers only made me hungry the more I thought about them. Also, we watched “Disney Weddings” on the Food Network, and the filet mignon at the Grand Floridian looked divine. So we wandered down Damen to the Silver Cloud. Between the two of us, we polished off a brie burger with grilled onions, a mozzarella burger with tater tots on the side, and some Frito pie. We discussed some of the ideas that Kevin and I had discussed something we had read in Margaret Cho’s blog (http://www.margaretcho.com/blog) earlier in the week, like a action/adventure show about Angry Jesus and the other avenging deities (Kickass Krishna, Badass Buddha, Awesome Allah, etc.) as they travel the world to stop those crazed extremists who would kill and hurt in their names. Kathy thought we could name the show “Punched By An Angel”.

Sunday. Gay Pride Parade. Andrew and Catherine saved Kevin and me spots on Broadway in front of the Seven Stars grocery store, next to last year’s lesbians (http://flipfront.blogspot.com/2003/07/258-i-was-teenage-fghag.html). and next to these incredibly annoying students from Loyola who were all just so very excited to be out in support of their one annoying lesbian friend who jumped around alot and kept pointing out things that we all could see. “Oh my god, look at that inflatable burrito!” and “I don’t sleep with boys!” I thought Catherine was going to kill them all. It was very funny. My favorite float this year was the Crobar float, which was decorate with rocket ships and muscular young men who’d shoot confetti into the air from their air cannons. Gorgeous. Kevin’s friend Eric, down for the weekend from Minneapolis, pushed his artist friend Scott in a shopping cart. We saw Thom marching with the a contingent of med students from Pritzker.

I got a killer sunburn on my shoulders and chest, with rather wide strap marks from the tank top I wore. I tried on the muslin for the bridesmaid dress I’m wearing in Jacinda’s wedding, and it looks pretty bad. I may have to go to some salon to even the tan out once the burn fades, or start practicing with the self-tanner. Because it’s still a bit red, I like like a cross between a coconut and a lobster. But I’m sure it will improve soon. I hope. Otherwise, Andrew will have to take my place in the bridal party for Jacinda’s wedding, dress and all. Granted, he’s probably a little hairier than one would want in a bridesmaid, but I’m pretty sure he’ll look great in the dress.



“I have to go to a Yoko place with a huge white brimmed hat and white

minidress and white knee boots at least once a week.”

(Margaret Cho)


U2 – Discotheque; Bee Gees – How Deep Is Your Love?; Ryan Adams – The

Shadowlands; The Rapture – Caravan; Rufus Wainwright – Over the Rainbow;

Rammelzee vs. K. Rob – Beat Bop





http://www.chias.org/biology/cprr.html (I saw a peregrine outside my

window yesterday — he was on the ledge with a freshly killed pigeon. So cool, but he didn’t eat it because all my co-workers kept trooping up to my window to ogle him. Poor thing. I hope he comes back, because this headless pigeon outside my window will not itself!)


~ by Jasmine on June 29, 2004.

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