309: RIP Weezie

July 4, 2004: I returned from Seema and Joe’s wedding in Cleveland, called Kevin, mooched about the apartment, then went to Dan’s barbecue. The apartment across from Dan’s was vacant, so we cranked up its A/C and made it the smoking room. Stayed up late talking about old college friends of Ryon and Joe’s and those unsavory sexual exploits which later became part of University of Chicago lore. “Went for the layup but got the rim” becomes part of my gossip lexicon.

July 5, 2004: Andrew & Rozi’s barbecue. Thom and Kevin came with. I ate a burger, pasta salad, couscous, trifle, and lots of Fritos. I am somewhat frightened of Matt L’s girlfriend, who regaled us with stories about being an alcoholic and working for porn sites. Oh, and it was Seema’s mom’s birthday, and Jacinda’s mom’s birthday. After everybody left and it was just me, Andrew, Matt L, and Matt L’s girlfriend sitting in the backyard, Andrew become fixated upon his loaf of Wonderbread and crushed it into a ball. It had the look and feel of roast turkey. Check out the pictures here.

July 6, 2004: Apple store on Michigan Avenue with Kevin – I have to drop off my old iBook to be fixed and Kevin had some questions about memory upgrades for his iBook. Also, he bought an iPod. The skies looked dark, but I didn’t think I needed my umbrella for the two block walk from the parking garage to the store. But didn’t I need it, as we ran up Michigan Avenue, ducking under awnings already crowded with slack-jawed tourists clutching bags from H&M and The Disney Store. Once inside, the air conditioning threatened to freeze my t-shirt on my body. I looked like a very distant runner-up in a wet t-shirt contest. Kevin and I signed up at the Genius Bar, surfed the web on his iBook, and ogled Colin, the very cute tech who helped me and Kevin with our queries. Almost as cute as Colin was his very shiny wedding band — d’oh! Just my luck.

July 8, 2004: Kevin’s birthday. Also, Tony & Tasneem’s anniversary — hurrah!

July 9, 2004: Thom and Kevin came over. We couldn’t think of anything else to do, so we stayed in and watched “Freaks and Geeks”. Boy, are my late 20s shaping up to be as exciting as I thought they would be when I was growing up.

July 10, 2004: Spent the entire day indoors, began the first half of the great bedroom rehaul. Filled several bags with trash – old papers, broken alarm clocks, worn shoes, and the like. In the evening, Kevin and I drove out to Villa Park for my co-worker Eric’s Bastille Day barbecue. Kevin fell in love with Eric’s dog Daisy, a five year old golden retriever who was very mellow and cool. Also, Eric’s daughters were appropriately adorable and well-behaved. Jacinda wore this totally great outfit — a chartreuse? green top and brown skirt with pleats and embroidered flowers. It sounds totally like Holly Hobby, but it wasn’t. Planes on their way to O’Hare flew over every so often, so Kevin could identify them. We made s’mores, roasting marshmallows over Eric’s brand new firepit. It was like summer camp, only with more beer.

July 11, 2004: I saw Madonna. It was okay. You can read a brief recap here:


I went with Damien and his pal Brandon, and we cruised the crowd at the United Center for cute guys. All we got were gangs of girls from places like Lisle dressed like rejects from the “Sex and The City” extras casting call. Nobody got up to dance, at least not in our section — we couldn’t really feel the heat of Madonna’s crotch from where we sat. The program, however, was gorgeous — Damien got one, and I ogled it on the way home. I gave my ticket stub to a stout woman named Danna, who came all the way from Green Bay for what she pronounced to be a “totally awesome” show.

July 13, 2004: My mom’s birthday. I called home, and my sister answered, saying that my parents and brothers were at Home Depot. Wow, do the birthday surprises in the Davila family ever start?




INXS – Don’t Change; Kylie Minogue – Someday (is it just me, or is the most recent Kylie record *totally* kickass?); Usher – Yeah!





~ by Jasmine on July 14, 2004.

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