310: all quiet on the jasmine front

I want to give my brother Patrick a nickname. I was thinking that his nickname could be “The Peej”. Patrick’s middle name is Joseph, and in the past several attempts were made by certain factions in the Davila clan to have Patrick known as “P.J.” Which, to my culturally jaundiced ears, sounds weird as a nickname for anybody who isn’t White. So I offer “The Peej” as an alternative to that ill-fated nickname of his childhood.

Dan has yet to send me any of the pictures he took at the company party last week. He went as my date, his beard styled into two magenta red spirals that Jacinda keeps bugging him to shave. She doesn’t want him to show up at her wedding with such facial hair. And I can see her point, but in all honesty, who the heck is going to be looking at Dan’s chin when all eyes will be focused on her bridal hotness?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. The party was lovely — two huge tents on the lawn, candles, an Good Humor freezer full of Choco-Tacos, Drumsticks, and Bomb Pops. Open bar with premium liquor (I love you, Belvedere) and a couple wooden pirates. Yeah — wooden pirates. I did shots with some folks, and I swear the act of drinking a double shot of Jack Daniels put some hair on my chest. Jacinda tried to get me to just make out with a boy in my department. A co-worker flashed me. And then on the ride home, Jacinda opened her purse to reveal that she had snagged twelve Choco Tacos on her way out.

The rest of my weekend was a bit less naughty. Picked up my iBook from repair — hurrah! Ran into Tasneem on my way — hurrah again! Tasneem dropped me off at home on her way to yoga in Rogers Park. At home, I cleaned up a bit, got dressed up, went up to Jeff & Kevin’s birthday barbecue. Jeff blasted music out of these amazing speakers that looked like they were made of Lucite. My eyes were killing me, as they were dry and I kept having to put in eye drops or splash water in my eyes. It was kind of gross, but folks were nice about it. And Jorge came! None of us had seen him in quite some time, so it was great to spend the evening really talking to him. Jorge, we should do that more often.

The flip front turned 4 on Tuesday. I celebrated with a long, sangria-soaked dinner at Cafe Iberico with some folks. My friend Jeff came up with the idea of opening a ‘Medieval Times’ type gay bar, possibly to be named “The Codpiece”. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kevin pointed out that maybe it should be a bisexual bar, as those Society for Creative Anachronism types in college all seemed to be in the bisexual student group, and in the juggling group. But I think that would take the campy fun out of it. And those SCA types tend to creep me out.

A few notes on last night’s Prince show at the All-State Arena — I had a crappy day at work, so I needed to go to this show. The show started later than I thought it would, but once it got started it didn’t stop for 2.5 hours. He performed the show in the round, strutting up and down runaways. Everybody in the band except for the drummer and the keyboardists danced around, too. The drummer was amazing — on the video monitors, he appeared as though he had eight arms and sounded like thunder. Prince covered Rufus’ “Sweet Thing”, James Brown’s “Pass The Peas”, and Eddie Floyd’s “Knock On Wood”, where he traded vocals with one of the bassists. The band flirted briefly with “Crazy in Love”, though Prince said he didn’t think he had enough booty to do it right. So the keyboardist got up and shook it instead.

The second half of the show was almost all acoustic, Prince on a chair that would spin with him so he could face different sides of the arena. He sang “Adore” during the acoustic set, so me and all the other ladies got up and screamed and sang along. I nearly wet my pants, but fortunately I did not. And acoustic “Alphabet Street”? Incredible. The full band came back to romp through more songs, including a 15-minute jam on “Controversy”. An assortment of ladies of varying sizes and colors joined the band onstage during “U Got The Look” and “7”.

The finale consisted of “Beautiful Ones” (Prince writhing on the ground in smoke), “Nothing Compares 2 U” (Candy took a sax solo, and it made the hairs on my neck stand on end), and “Purple Rain”. I think I saw people crying during the guitar solo. Actually, I think that was just me. It was beautiful. What was not so beautiful was the fact that it took Andrew and me over an hour to get out of the parking lot, but only 30 minutes to drive back home once we got on the Kennedy. Go figure.


Moby – New Dawn Fades; Journey – Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’; Sloan – I Was Wrong; Liz Phair – Explain It to Me; D’Angelo – Cruisin’








~ by Jasmine on July 23, 2004.

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