After a week of doing silly things like making my monthly student loan payment and (alright) getting a facial, I find that I am once again strapped for cash until payday. Unless I get picked to do this focus group on Monday night, I will be spending next week doing non-shopping things like balancing my checkbook (which I probably should have done sooner) and doing my laundry (thank goodness I’ve got sufficient quarters for *that*). The nice thing about laundry is that I find that if I wash the right items, it’s like I’ve got a brand new wardrobe all over again. I’m shopping in my very own closet!

[picture fredflare.com]But for those of you who aren’t so very irresponsible, you might want to start shopping for school supplies. School starts sooner than you think, and it’s never too early to hustle on down to your local supermarket or office supply store to stock up on #2 pencils, reinforcements, and Trapper-Keepers. This is true even if you are not in school anymore, but miss things like cafeteria food, riding on yellow schoolbuses, and sipping your milk out of miniscule cartons.

But if you’re like me and you demand a little more style from your school supplies, there are always better options to be had at art supply stores or stationery stores. Myself, I’ve always been very fond of the aisles of pens and pencils at Pearl Fine Art Supplies, where you might just pick up on a cute art student or painter while getting a fresh new supply of rollerball pens.

But if stationery is the name of the game, there is no finer place that I could recommend than Fred Flare, Brooklyn’s friendliest purveyor of arts and crafts supplies, toys, jewelry, and cute-as-hell stationery. It is true that Fred Flare products can be found in Trixie-friendly boutiques all over Chicago’s North Side. But why bother trying to find parking in that hell otherwise known as Lincoln Park when you can buy it on-line from the comfort of your own couch?


~ by Jasmine on August 20, 2004.

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