315: minneapolis wedding song, part 1

Multi-Cultural Student & Alumni Mixer (8/19): I’m not making this up. I got invited to a mixer for “multi-cultural” alumni and students of the U of C. It was at Rivers, a restaurant in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange which often sports more White people than a Dave Mathews show. Seriously — the reception was outdoors, in a little section which just seemed to say “you brown people stand over here”. My date for the evening was Jorge, resplendent in a summer suit of tan, crisp white shirt, ice blue tie, glasses perched on the tip of his nose for throwing shade. We ate free food, drank wine, and talked to some alumni, some former Woodward resident heads, and current students. Steve Klass made a little speech, then Jorge and I got out so I could buy a new t-shirt (I spilled peanut sauce on myself — messy!) and meet some of the boys at Big Chicks for drinks, and so Jorge could go for a date (can I say that?)

Drinks at Chicks with Ramone (Jeff), Kevin, Michael, Damien (8/19): $4 Cosmos. Jeff (to me): “We got to get you riding the baloney pony!”

Theresa’s housewarming party (8/21): After a few drinks and some snacks at his place, Jeremy and I walked up to Theresa’s new apartment near Ashland & Lawrence. Chips, dip, a vat of sangria (yummy). Theresa’s friend Julie B. was tipsy in an amusing sort of way, and Dan gave me the rundown his preparation for Burning Man. Her tiny immaculate porch faces onto the other similarly tiny, immaculate porches of her neighbors, facing kitchen and bedroom windows which I imagined would be a great treat for anybody with a pair of binoculars and an hour to spare.

Sunday on the couch (8/22): I didn’t go much further from home than Kevin’s, which is two blocks away. He and Michael spent a quiet afternoon catching up on their websurfing while I fidgeted until I found “Gone With The Wind” on Turner Movie Classics. I got sucked in and watch the whole damn thing. Then I went home and watch “Black Narcissus”, which is my new favorite movie. It made me want to enter an Anglican convent high up in the Himalays, go mad with sexual hysteria, then prowl

around the jungle in red lipstick.

Monday (8/23): I was scheduled to participate in a focus group on pantyhose. I’d get $75 for two hours, so I got myself to an office suite near the Water Tower, drank warm soda, and read old issues of people. A curvy woman wearing platform flip-flops called names from a list, one of which was not mine, and the women with those names were called into the group. I wasn’t picked, but I still got my cash. I celebrated with a pack of cigarettes and an ice cream from McDonald’s.

Tuesday (8/24): Sushi at Sai with a bunch of folks. I inhale a pile of unagi and admire Kathy’s new hairdo.

Wednesday (8/25): It was Frankie Knuckles Day in Chicago, so Frankie spun at SummerDance. I work up a sweat in Grant Park with Joe, Jacinda, Damien, and Jen. We made fun of the Trixies next to us who dance around their pile of designer knockoff handbags.

Thursday (8/26): Robin’s birthday. Cocktail hour at the W Hotel City Center. Fried zucchini — yum. Birthday cake — more yum. A bottle of Cristal — most yum of all. I now know why famous folks make such a fuss — it’s delicious.

Friday (8/27): Instead of going to the Chicagoist happy hour (http://www.chicagoist.com/archives/2004/08/30/chicagoist_thanks_you.php), I had folks over to watch Damien’s “reviewer copy” of ‘Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle’. People seemed to enjoy the movie, and all the crap cable programming we saw as we stayed up late, channel-surfed, and talked smack.

Saturday (8/28): Brunch with Kathy and Kevin at Frontera Grill, then we spent the afternoon at my house eating pizza, watching cable, and organizing my photographs. I now have photographs in my albums! Of course, I ended up missing Erin’s porch party, and am a bad friend.

Sunday (8/29): Supas brunch at Kevin’s. We spent about five minutes talking about how much we wanted ice cream or popsicles, then realized that the music playing outside was not coming from the yuppie orgy otherwise known as the Bucktown Arts Fest but the ice cream truck parked outside. Duh. Also, we checked out photographs from the big anti-war protest in New York City on the New York Times web site.

Monday (8/30): Dinner with Kevin and Michael. Before going out, Michael showed me Karen and Gregg’s ginormous new house in Andersonville where Michael stayed during the last week of his Chicago visit. Large dining room/living room split by a double-sided fireplace. A kitchen/family room larger than my apartment and occupied by overstuffed couches and stainless steel appliances. A master suite equipped with walk-in closets, a private balcony overlooking a huge backyard, and a master bath featuring a shower thatr converts into a sauna (there is another such shower in the basement). I had to be dragged out of that house for supper.

Tuesday (8/31): Totally crap day. Annual review, which did not go well but I felt hopeful. My boss actually cares, which is nice, but I still feel like crap. Thankfully, it doesn’t last long, as I realize it is two days until I am in Minneapolis for the Minnesota State Fair. Oh, and Andrew and Rozi’s wedding, too.



“I’m nostalgic for conversations I had yesterday. I’ve begun reminiscing events before they even occur. I’m reminiscing this right now. I can’t go to the bar because I’ve already looked back on it in my memory. And I didn’t have a good time.” (Max, Kicking and Screaming)


The Lightning Seeds – You Showed Me; Kylie Minogue – I Feel for You





~ by Jasmine on September 9, 2004.

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  1. “You brown people stand over there”? :) Now, I’m glad I skipped the event.

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