deep purple

[image]I took Rima Suqi’s advice and bought a bottle of Chanel nail varnish in Vamp. It’s a gorgeous deep red color, almost black, and set me back quite a bit more than Revlon’s Vixen would have. However, I’ve never been able to stomach the texture of Revlon polish so I went the distance for fashion.

[image anthropologie.comSo now that I’ve spent the majority of my fall wardrobe fund on nail polish, what else is left? I know I can dig up some coordinating bags in the back of my closet (we won’t even talk about shoes until next week), so how about a nice pin to spice up my dullsville cardigan? Or a nice cocktail ring to show off my newly Vamp-ed hands? I quite admire the bronze leaf pin at Anthropologie. For hands, the stone leaf ring from, of all places, Banana Republic. Who knew that a retail giant once known for displaying cotton t-shirts in a replica of a Jeep could be the source of sophisticated costume jewelry?

Well, I did, of course.


~ by Jasmine on September 10, 2004.

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