you’ve got to fight for your right to shop

[image]The Associate Press is reporting that malls nationwide are imposing curfews on America’s teenagers, all in the interest of curbing unruly teenagers and making room for paying customers. Times vary by mall, but the rule is if you’re under 18 and not accompanied by an escort who is of age, or not going directly to a mall movie theater, you gotta move it along..

I can’t imagine what I would have possibly done if I hadn’t been allowed to linger over my Orange Julius at the mall. I guess I could have ridden the subway all over the city, like my brother Justin does now (read about his exploits at I grew up in New York City, so I had alternatives — Times Square (which is now just a big mall anyway, so whatevs), the Village, my best friend Kim’s house in Forest Hills. But if you are or you were a teenager in a small town or a sprawling suburb where the opening of a new mall is fodder for coverage on the evening news, where do you go at night if the mall if off-limits? I would guess that if you drive, you can cruise or go to some scenic point to make out with somebody. But whatever would you buy when you got there?


~ by Jasmine on September 17, 2004.

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