la women: day 1

It’s 8:42 pm local time, and Kathy is sacked out on the bed, watching ‘Down with Love’ on HBO. We’ve got a smoking room at the Mondrian, facing east which means it will be bright as fuck in the morning but all the better if we want to be the first girls at the Jamba Juice near the Beverly Center.

My day started at 6:00 when I woke up early to get my laundry out of the dryer so I’d have something to wear in Los Angeles. I’m in LA with Kathy, finally taking that trip I won so long ago.

I’m telling people, should they ask, that I’m in town covering LA Fashion Week for the Springfield Shopper. I swear that when I scheduled this trip with the employee at the unnamed magazine that sponsored the contest that I didn’t know we’d be here for fashion mayhem, but I guess it’s just my luck to be here in this gorgeous hotel with hordes of underdressed, over-accessorized malnourished dilettantes who wear sky high heeled boots with airbrushed trucker caps (still!) and badly caked foundation on their poreless faces. I have a chance to ogle these creatures closely when Kathy and I wait for the valet service to get our car so we can drive to dinner. These girls who weigh less than the portfolios they lug around wear gigantic boots and thick scarves to ward off the chilly-for-LA evening air. They mince about with goody bags and speak four languages — badly. I am reminded of middle school dances, and half expect my father to pull up in a beat-up white VW beetle to drive me home to Queens.

Thank goodness Kathy is here as my ‘plus one’ for the week. Not only does she have terrific recommendations for places to eat — tonight we had Cuban at Versailles, and I nearly cried when Kathy gave me a few bites of her pork — but she is a great pal with which to explore the city and does not make fun of me when I spend breakfast talking about what we’ll be having for lunch.

The only thing I have planned tomorrow is a facial (part of the prize) at agua, the hotel spa. I’ll let you know how it goes. No shopping today, but I did have to buy a couple of disposable cameras, as my digital is not yet back from the shop.



“Napoleon, don’t be jealous that I’ve been chatting online with babes all day. Besides, we both know that I’m training to be a cage fighter.” (Kip)

“I’d be lying if I said my life had turned out exactly as I’d expected. My old school recently had a reunion, which I didn’t go to, but one girl in my class it turns out, right, she is now running her own Internet auction website, making a fortune, and is happily married to a marine biologist. She used to eat chalk.” (Dawn Tinsley)


~ by Jasmine on October 28, 2004.

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