321: faith

Return from LA blah blah dinner with at Baba Luci with Kathy and Kevin blah Election blah blah bullshit blah blah. Since returning from Los Angeles, I have been in a bubble. In the bubble, I am all about work, watching Degrassi, writing my recap of last week’s episode of ‘The OC’ for Nick as the newest member of the FAC, cleaning my apartment, and my new iBook.

I am most consumed by the apartment cleaning, in thought if not in action, as I haven’t made any real progress. True, I went to Target over the weekend and bought some cleaning supplies, but they sit, still in their Target bag, on my kitchen floor. A sink full of unwashed dishes mock me as I sit in the couch and try to write. I really tried, but I spent Saturday at Kevin’s, helping him a little with his unpacking (he’s finally moved his stuff into Maria’s apartment). We took a lot of breaks, including an hour to go over University of Chicago picbooks for the classes of 1997 (his class) and 1998 (mine). We had a grand old time pointing at pictures of folks and screaming “I remember that ho! What a bitch!” It made me want to dial up all my old crushes and hang up as soon as they picked up the phone. Later that evening, we saw ‘The Incredibles’ with Thom and Kathy, which was brilliant. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I suggest you do. I realize that my recommendation may not carry as much weight as, let’s say, A. O. Scott of the New York Times, but still. You should go.

I came home Saturday night to find an envelope of gift cheques in my mailbox. The cheques the last part of the trip I won. I was supposed to have the moolah to shop with in LA, but alas no. So I didn’t get to go crazy buying overpriced tee shirts at the Fred Segal on Melrose, but I did go to the Apple store on Sunday to buy a new iBook. If you may recall, my old iBook died (involuntary manslaughter — I accidentally spilled half a can of Pepsi on it and fried the logic board) and I couldn’t afford to get a new computer. For the last month, my sole internet access at home was what I could get on my cell phone. That, or I’d make a nuisance of myself at Kevin’s and use his iBook or Maria’s Dell if either was available.

So Sunday morning found me at the Apple store, and a new iBook was mine in a matter of minutes. I like how they say ‘Congratulations!’ when you buy a new computer. It’s a nice touch, though I would have preferred they let me make out with Hot Colin for a few minutes instead. I brought the new iBook, which I am now calling “the baby” until I come up with a name for it, to Kevin’s so he could check it out. It’s so small, so white, so clean! I have a Beastie Boys sticker ready to put on it, but where? I don’t want to cover the Apple logo, as it lights up, but maybe I could tint the casing so it looks pink? I may just get it covered in Swarovski crystals, and then get a studded iPod to match. Too Lindsay Lohan? It’s not really my style, but until the diamond skillets proposed by a Chris Rock sketch become a reality, I’ll have to bling it up anywhere I can.


Run-DMC – Is It Live?; Liz Phair – Nashville; Linda Lyndell – What A Man; Beastie Boys – She’s On It; Link Wray – The Swag; Bell Rays – Kill The Messenger







~ by Jasmine on November 10, 2004.

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