Anima Sana In Corpore Sano

{image urbanoutfitters.comI spent last weekend in Las Vegas for a trade show, and found that the shoes I had brought for working in the booth were not doing their usual thing. Normally, my clogs are just right for long periods of standing and walking around, but ever since the insole in the right clog buckled, things haven’t been the same. So I spent the whole weekend complaining about my feet, and how much my legs hurt. I understand that the long-term goal is to lose weight, but in the short term I needed new kicks.

Enter the Asics Woolie Ultimate 81. I had wanted the Asics Woolie Mexico in brown and peach, but the Urban Outfitters at Mandalay Place (the only retailer I could get to while working the show — I promise, I’ll try to make another trip out to Vegas soon just for shopping) didn’t have that in a ladies 10. They did, however, have these in a mens 8.5, and I knew as soon as soon as I wore them that I was taking them. No huge arch for my flat feet, but a comfy insole in a light and incredibly flexible shoe. The grey wool look great with my jeans, and I’d bet they’d spice up my dull charcoal work trousers.

You can find Asics online at Urban Outfitters. Check out the Onitsuka Tiger web site at for the story of the company founder, a complete list of all shoe styles, and store locations.


~ by Jasmine on November 23, 2004.

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