Blue Christmas

Buy BlueIf you’re like me and you’re procrastinating on that holiday shopping, you could probably use some help once you figure out that it’s only 11 days to Jebus’s birthday and you still haven’t found something for your Tita Baby. Also, you’re probably a progressive type who doesn’t want to buy something that was tested on tiny tiny bunnies or made by small brown children in a village somewhere in the Third World. Times like this I wish you could scan the barcode on an item and immediately bring up it’s SKU #, price, weight, and provenance. Also some information about where the manufacturer sends its political donations.

Well, don’t fear for is here. It provides a list of companies, divided into sector, and the amount of money donated to political parties in 2004. The list also shows how much of each amount was giving to the Republican or Democratic party. While the site realizes that it’s probably not the most comprehensive way to determine how to spend your hard-earned holiday shopping money, it’s a start, and they are working on a more comprehensive picture of each corporation taking into account other issues such as the environment and issues of gender.

Thanks, krs1, for the tip!


~ by Jasmine on December 14, 2004.

2 Responses to “Blue Christmas”

  1. Hey there. I came via Manolo’s Blog, and just wanted to say that we share our name. It really is a great name. Jasmine

  2. Hi Jasmine! Been a while since you last did some blogging. I agree with you totally that Manolo shoes’ blog is wonderful. Keep up the blogging!

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