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in bed (Wednesday, 12/8): My current favorite thing to do is watch DVDs on my laptop while I sit in bed and drink milk. Good movies for this sort of thing are weepy melodramas like All That Heaven Allows or Maurice.

office holiday party (Friday, 12/10): I got these shoes from Ebay that were knockoffs of the Manolos that Carrie wore in that episode of “Sex and The City”. While mine were silver d’Orsay open toe pumps with a rhinestone buckle, they were also about four inches high and impossible to walk in. So I wore some low-heeled sandals that kept slipping off my feet. This was okay, as I spent much of the evening sitting on my ass and eating or standing just outside the party (held in the Great Hall of Union Station) and smoking. The only times I had problems with the shoes were when I’d get up to dance and my pants would start falling down while my shoes threatened to get kicked off. The hall was decorated with oversize Christmas tree ornaments, red and gold bolts of fabric hanging from the very high ceilings, and a large video screen that played commercials for the electronic exchange that helped sponsor the party. I didn’t go to the after-party at my friend Chris and Linda’s apartment, though I heard it was much fun. They got engaged that night at the office party, and I wanted to ogle her ring some more. And again, cute guy from another dept. chatted me up as I was on my way out the door. Or at least I think he did — he was drinking quite a bit of whiskey. I probably should have gone to the after-party, as he informed me on the Monday after that I had missed a boozy good time. And I do hate it when I miss out on that.

dinner at Kevin’s (Wednesday, 12/15): Kevin made stroganoff for me and Kathy. As we ate, we looked up our birthdays on imdb.com to see if we shared our birthdays with anybody cool and/or famous. I have the same birthday as Celine Dion, Warren Beatty, Eric Clapton, and Paul Reiser. Kevin shares his birthday with John D. Rockefeller, Raffi, Joan Osborne, and that chick who played Willow’s girlfriend after Tara was killed on “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”. As for Kathy — William Blake, Judd Nelson, Jon Stewart.

baking at Khloe & Jeff’s (Thursday, 12/16): Khloe and Jeff fed me and some other folks if we helped them bake cookies to send to some of our favorite trade desks. The dough had already been made, so all we had to do was slice and bake. Also, we drank a lot of beer and wine, which may or may not have had something to do with some of the gingerbread penguins looking like turds, and the hippo growing a penis. Kevin started calling Khloe “Boss”, which she didn’t seem to like too much.

Lindy & Randy’s holiday party (Friday, 12/17): I brought Kevin to Lindy & Randy’s holiday party, which featured a large fluffy bowl of egg nog in the kitchen and a large table of eats in the dining room. I made a fool of myself with the mozzarella, but it was so so good, I could not resist eating so much. Also, I was a bit peckish — you know how it goes.

drinks for Ramone (Friday, 12/17): Went to Big Chicks with Kevin to hang out with Jeff and and a bunch of other cute boys. I took pictures, too. After the bar, I went to the Golden Nugget with Gabe and Kevin where I consumed a bacon cheeseburger. Naturally, I had indigestion for most of the following day.

hopleaf (Saturday, 12/18): A sort of Christmas dinner at the Hopleaf with Jacinda, Joe, Rozi, and Andrew. I normally spend Christmas in Chicago with Jacinda and her family. Once I spent it with Joe and Andrew at a deli eating matzoh balls the size of my head. This year, I’m actually spending it with my biological family (shocked? so are my parents), so I thought of this meal as the Christmas family dinner where nobody gets berated for gaining weight or not getting better grades in trig. No four long slideshows of my great-aunt and great-uncle’s trip to Iceland. Instead, we drove through a light snow, listening to the Christmas mix on my iPod and talking about that “Do They Know It’s Christmas Song?”. I always found this question a bit daft — I mean, I know it’s to raise money for people starving in Africa, but the song itself is stupid. “They” don’t know it’s Christmas, not because they’re hungry but because “they” are probably animists. At least, this was the theory in the car. Whatever theory you’ve got, what’s still true is that the song still blows. At the bar, I had a large raspberry lambic with my cigarette while waiting for our table. I’ve never been to the Hopleaf before, and now I want to live there. It wasn’t too loud, there were cute people, and the food was delicious. Flemish carrot soup. Onion rings with aioli. A large pork chop with brussels sprouts, and I normally hate brussels sprouts but these were tasty. Jacinda had the skate, while Rozi and Joe both had the beef stew. And I wish I remembered what we talked about, but I never seem to. I’m not sure if it’s because we end up talking about the same things — old college pals, Nordstrom’s ladies’ shoe department, the Bears — or because I’m too busy laughing my ass off. After dinner, we went back to Andrew and Rozi’s for hot cocoa and television. It was a lovely, cozy evening, and I think that I will judge all future dinners by it.

secret filipinos (Wednesday, 12/22): I got Joe “Napoleon Dynamite” on DVD and a copy of “The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Age 13 3/4”. Joe got Tim a packet of “Playboy” incense which may or may not have smelled like Hugh Hefner. Tim got Ash a large case of microbrews from around the world. Ash got Saba a gift basket packed with a robe, slippers, and all sorts of bath stuff. Saba got Khloe a crystal ashtray, a gold glitter candle, and Nanni Moretti’s “The Son’s Room” on DVD. Khloe got Jeremy a Cuisinart chopper. Jeremy got me an Elvis magnet, an ashtray of Jesus smoking a cigarette which said “Holy Smoke” in Gothic type on it, a huge raspberry chocolate bar, and a huge bottle of lambic.

dinner with khloe (Wednesday, 12/22): Marla had to bail on her, so Khloe invited me over to her house for dinner. I love Khloe and Jeff’s house, as it is warm and beautifully decorated. I especially covet her kitchen, which she had remodeled last year. I julienned the carrots, which went into a roasting pan with sliced red peppers. I sliced the leek, which was sauteed with onion. Khloe scored the skin on the salmon, then pan fried in olive oil. The carrots and peppers went over the salmon, which was plated with the leeks arranged in a circle on the plate, and with this we had butternut squash soup on coffee mugs. Oh, and a brownie-like chocolate cake with chocolate mint glaze in between the layers. Man oh man, is it ever so nice to have friends who love to cook, and love to cook well. Jeff came home and we gossiped about couples at work, and conspiracy theories about 9/11, Chandra Levy, and aliens.



“Susan had met the enemy. And she was a slut.”

(Mary Alice Young)


Michael Jackson – P.Y.T.; Scissor Sisters – Laura; Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion; Elton John – Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word






12/10 (Friday): Urban Decay lip gunk (halfway between a gloss and a creamy lipstick) in Kissed (deep true red)

12/16 (Thursday): Clinique Long Last Soft Shine lipstick in Blushing Nude (pale creamy pink)


~ by Jasmine on December 23, 2004.

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