333: you make me want to la la

1. excerpt from an e-mail from Jacinda sent during an exchange between me, Jacinda, and Nadine

“. . . if we met our 19 year old selves today we’d probably laugh at their loudness and insecurity and then mumble something about ‘save the drama for your mama’ . . . NEVER NEVER listen to your 19 year old self. just do what i do: pat her on the head (she is a good person at heart), smile knowingly and marvel at how thin she is.”

2. freon

I spent most of my QA time at work last week with David A., removing and reinstalling server software to see if it breaks during install. We worked in a lab full of test machines, servers stacked in racks and protected by smoked glass doors. The chair we sit on supposedly cost $700, and are worth every penny. Of course, I can say this without hesitation as it wasn’t my money that bought these chairs, but still. David A. is a bit of a curmudgeon, but fun to hang out with. Talking while we wait for installs to finish was kind of difficult, as the whirring of the ginormous air conditioner in the room next to us was really freaking loud. It was still a good time, though. Or maybe it’s just the freon in the room.

3. dynamite

I took last Friday off, ostensibly to prepare for Nick and Nadine’s visit, and for the party Saturday night. I’d buy a new coffee pot, wash and even iron the guest linens, make sure I had sugar and cream in the house. Of course, I accomplished nothing but I did get a facial at Aveda. Traci the bubbly esthetician even had this weird device that sent electrical currents through my face — what it did, I have no idea, but it sounded really cool). She extracted weird crap from my pores, massaged my nose. An unseen instructor named Tammi came in to talk to Traci about the congestion they could see, and what cleanser to massage into my face. Traci used about three different masques, massaging my arms and legs while the masques dried. A steamer was aimed at my face, I inhaled essential oils. An hour later I stumbled out into the cold air smelling of cinnamon and birch, my pores declogged and glowing. After my facial, I met Kathy and Kevin at the Creperie for lunch. I had escargots and acted spacy. I find facials to be incredibly relaxing, so I concentrated on my food and listened to Kathy and Kevin.

I spent the early evening debating about what to serve at the party when Kevin suggested I just order lumpia from Uni-Mart. So I did, dialing up their catering department only to face something of an interrogation from the catering manager: “So what kind of a party is this? A drinking party?” When I responded in the affirmative, he maid this sort of disapproving clucking sound with his tongue and I felt like I had shamed him by daring to order lumpia for a DRINKING PARTY. Ooooh. After ordering the lumpia, we had some KFC, and then I went home to wait for Nick and Nadine to show up at my door.



“If I ever get off this couch, I’ll be unstoppable.” (Roseanne)


Ben E. King – Don’t Let Me Down; Aretha Franklin – One Step Ahead; U2 – Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World; The Stone Roses – I Am The Resurrection; Yo La Tengo – Don’t Say A Word [demo]; Massive Attack – Dissolved Girl; Shelby Lynne – Dream Some; Buzzcocks – Love You More






~ by Jasmine on January 21, 2005.

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