You sexy thing . . .

{my favorite item -- Samantha Chang Hello Kitty cami/hipster set}I’ve always liked the look of G Boutique when I walk past it on the way to work. They offer fine lingerie from such noted designers as La Cosa and Josie Natori. And it’s not enough to simply give us the implements for our own enjoyment. G Boutique also wants to educate us consumers as well. They have special shopping nights, book signings, even classes on belly dancing and striptease.

For Valentine’s Day, there are a couple of events that I consider especially appealing. On February 5, from 2pm to 4pm, you can meet adult actress/director/writer/producer Candida Royalle, who will be promoting her new book, How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do: Sex Advice From a Woman Who Knows. According to her IMDb entry, Miss Royalle has worked in the adult film industry for thirty years, so I’d guess it’s fair to say that she knows what she’s talking about.

And for you men who want to gift your lucky lucky girlfriend with some pretty lingerie (but would rather die than be seen shopping for, you know, bras), Men’s Night was made for you. Stop by on Wednesday, February 9 between 7pm and 9pm for a cocktail and fashion show of the latest in lacy, pretty things.

G Boutique can be found at 2131 N. Damen Avenue, and is open 7 days a week (Sunday 12 to 5, Monday through Saturday 11 to 7).

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~ by Jasmine on February 1, 2005.

3 Responses to “You sexy thing . . .”

  1. PS: I’m going over Candida’s filmography, and am alternately horrified and amused to learn that she appeared in a film called “Hot Pockets”. The film’s IMDb page doesn’t provide much in the way of details, and for that I believe I am grateful.

  2. Booze and models in underwear? I know alot of my single guy friends who would be interested in an evening like that.

  3. Unfortunately, loyal reader(s), I won’t be able to attend the Candida Royalle event. If anybody wants to check it out and report back here with comments, that would be super.

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