Galena on my mind

Main Street
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I spent Saturday with Joe and Jacinda, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather whilst wandering the charming streets of Galena. When I wasn’t shoving chocolate or ice cream into my pie hole, I was window-shopping my ass off. Plush duck dolls that quack when you squeeze their bottoms at Wild Birds Unlimited. Miniature cat-a-pults (plastic toy guns for launching tiny rubber cats) at Poopsie’s. I snagged a tube of lavender-orange Badger Balm at The Urban Gardener, and I haven’t worn anything else on my lips since then.

(Well, except for yesterday afternoon, when I slicked on some Kink to see Bad Education with Jeff, but I’ve found that red lipstick is necessary when going to see an Almodóvar movie.)

W. S. Badger Company claim the balm is good for any number of things that ail you, from conditioning your moustache to treating sore paws. As I have neither, I will have to take their word for it. But if you find yourself ordering some balm of your own, and are endowed with a set of paws, a moustache, or both, keep me posted.


~ by Jasmine on February 7, 2005.

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