343: the kids’ table

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a. storySouth picked my friend Josh’s story “Possession” as one of the top on-line short stories of ’04. Read all about it here.

b. Ellipsis, a journal at Westminster College, will be publishing a story of Nadine’s later this year. This is going to be her first published story, and she’s got the acceptance slip to prove it.

c. I share an office with Jacalyn, on the quiet floor with the grown-ups. We’re going to run an after-hours club out of it on the weekends, once we get a mirrored disco ball to hang from the dropped ceiling and crushed velvet to cover the walls.

d. The weekend was good. I got a cheap facial, hugged my facialist goodbye, had dollar sushi with Kathy and Adrienne, got a slut-tastic manicure. Quick coffee break, then met Andrew to see “Inside Deep Throat”, window-shopped with Andrew, Rozi, and Cathern, bought cheesy sunglasses, had a drink at the Twisted Spoke, ate dinner at Thyme Café, went home early to watch SNL and go to bed early. Then on Sunday, got up late, futzed around the house, then accompanied Gail to a Chicago Wolves game. Ate nachos, hot dog, and too much candy. Oohed and aahed at pyrotechnics, photographed an old lady with a mullet, played “Spot the person(s) of color” in my head, ogled cute hockey player ass (which is pretty hard to do considering how much padding they wear). Ate disgusting burger post-game, watched Oscars and posted commentary to Chicagoist.com instead of blogging it myself. And in case you were wondering: I think Hilary Swank’s dress was just awful. I thought Cate Blanchett looked ravishing. And why is it that whenever there are people of color on stage, the camera will find people of same color and only those people for audience reaction shots? Do the parties responsible freak out when somebody of mixed heritage gets up on stage? “Holy shit, Mariah Carey is presenting the award for ‘Best Supporting Animal in a Foreign Language Documentary’! Quick, get me, uh, Gwyneth Paltrow on 1 and Nipsey Russell on 2!” Yeah, I know I’m ignorant. This is what happens when ‘The Boondocks’ gets pulled by ‘The Man’.

e. Monday was fairly dull as far as Mondays go until a friend e-mailed to say he was going to come out and visit next week for spring break. Of course, he e-mailed this morning to back out. He promised to visit when spring has actually sprung, but I’ll believe it when I see him pull up outside my apartment bearing the appropriate gifts: a bottle of Jameson’s, some turkey bacon, and fancy lip balm. It’s a shame, as I had already started planning what I was going to wear to the Skylark, which was where I would have started the hipster-mocking hijinks. I would have followed it with a walk through Ping Tom Memorial Park and karaoke at the Korean place all the way up in West Rogers Park. Guess I’ll have to save it for when my brother Patrick and his girlfriend come to visit in two weeks.

f. Had a *long* lunch at Orange today. I got the pancake flight (stacks of silver dollar pancakes topped with an assortment of toppings, this week’s toppings using some type of wine or other — delicious). Had my orange juice with lime and ginger. My hot chocolate had a giant marshmallow floating in it. Yummy.

g. I feel bad that I am not remotely interested in any of the guys who have been messaging me through Friendster, MySpace, or SubWay. I feel bad because they are either incredibly boring or do not get the awesomeness that is me. I am too rad.


“Prepare yourself for some ghetto-ass bullsh*t.” (Sgt. Jackson)

Earth Wind & Fire – After The Love Has Gone; Goldfrapp – Strict Machine; The Smiths – Handsome Devil; Usher – Yeah!; Jennifer Lopez – Get Right; Dean Martin – You Belong to Me; The Ronettes – Baby, I Love You



~ by Jasmine on March 2, 2005.

2 Responses to “343: the kids’ table”

  1. I’m curious as to what makes a manicure slut-tastic. Because it sounds fun.

  2. Essie Fishnet Stockings, a glossy true red. My nails were squared-off, and clipped just past the tip. I think it’s really the color more than anything else.

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