348: what’ll i do

1. seven last words (3/25)

‘Seven Last Words’ service at Trinity. Seven preachers, priests, pastors take on the seven last words of Jesus, expanding and expounding on everything from ‘The Lion King’ to Terri Schiavo. Kevin, Kathy, and I enjoyed three hours of stellar preaching, fortified by a ginormous breakfast from Valois. Still, we needed coffee after the service, so we hit the Starbucks on 71st and Stony on the way home. Kathy came over, we watched television, and I baked brownies. Very domestic, I know, and I enjoyed it. Good Friday was wet, so it was nice to sit inside and eat hot brownies with cold cold milk.

I had to brave the cold again, this time to join Jeremy, Helen, and Jeremy’s friend Doran for dinner. Jeremy was cooking, so we sat around the coffee table eating homemade buffalo meatloaf. Yummy. After dinner, Graham Coxon at the Double Door. I found it hard to be on my feet after a long day, and I made the mistake of not checking my coat so I spent most of the evening literally bent out of shape by the weight of my coat. Also, these annoying frat boy types kept pushing past to get closer to the girls who swooned over the opening bands. After the show, I wanted to say hi to Graham and thank him for being so dreamy, but I had to go home, wash the smell of meat and rain and smoke out of my hair, and go to sleep.

2. oldboy (3/26)

I saw ‘Oldboy’ with Jeff Saturday afternoon. Really funny in parts, violent, fast. Thrilling, in fact, though it made me paranoid that somebody I was mean to yesterday, last month, last year, last decade would come back, kidnap me, and lock me in a room for 15 years.

So if I’ve ever hurt, disappointed, shot, maimed, punched, ogled, abused, mocked, humiliated, left you, I’m sorry. I really and truly am.

After the movie, I was feeling oddly sleepy and weird. I knew I had to go home, pack up an overnight bag, then head to Kathy’s so I could sleep in her guest room and get up early with her to go to Easter services early Sunday. Of course, I went home and did something I never ever do.

I took a nap.

Daylight faded and my bed looked so inviting. So I curled up and when I came to it was 8pm, too late to head down to Woodlawn on CTA. I let Kathy know that I wouldn’t be joining her for church, and made plans to meet her for breakfast instead. I sat on my couch and considered my options. It was too late to head so far south, but it wasn’t too late to go right back to bed. I could have gone out for drinks with Jeremy, but didn’t feel up to drinking in a loud German pub with friends from work. I made it as far as Rich’s First One Today, two blocks away from my hovel, where I drank beer with Matthew, Natasha, and Kevin while the bartender told everybody that she was selling the bar. We talked about Terri Schiavo.

Which reminds me — Patrick has a totally tasteless yet hilarious idea re: Terri. E-mail me if you want to know what it is.

Matthew reported that the Walker Museum in Minneapolis is almost done, with the theater portion decorated rather poorly in black and purple with a floral motif. We wondered why a contemporary museum would forgo the usual sleek white modern look for something befitting a Barney the Dinosaur musical revue. I think that Prince had something to do with it, donating funds for its construction as long as the Walker staff would promise to stage plays according. Matthew suggested “The (Sexy) Motherfucker” Cometh. I suggested “Long Day’s Journey Into Funk”.

Ha ha. I win.

3. easter is the shit (3/27)

According to Kathy’s mom, Easter has it all over Christmas because of the whole resurrection thing. I mean, sure, anybody can be born, but can everybody come back from the dead? I’m sure Buddhists would probably have something to say about that, but who wants to hear it when there is Easter ham and chocolate to consume? Seriously, Kathy and I met for breakfast at Orange before opening the Field Museum at 9:00. I went against my better judgement and had this leek-tastic omelet which I didn’t finish. My orange juice with lime and ginger was delicious, though.

I’ve decided that if I ever get around to actually making movies instead of watching them, I’d like my first project to be a musical about Jesus’s adolescence if he had grown up in the West in the present day. What else could I call it but “Viva Las Jesus”? I presented this idea toKathy, who did not seem especially fond. I lay off the pitch for the rest of the day, as we checked out the Jackie Kennedy exhibit at the museum.

The Jackie was brilliant, by the way. Who knew she could affect foreign policy with the most cunning of pleated skirts, a touch of sable, a beautifully beaded bodice? I had to buy myself an early birthday present at the gift shop, a lovely pink silk scarf decorated with line drawings of some of her most iconic accessories — big sunglasses. White kid gloves. The perfect triple-strand pearl necklace. Sublime. After the museum, Kathy and I watched “Clean House” and ate our way through another pan of brownies.

4. tuesday (3/29)

Not much to report, but go see “Kung Fu Hustle” when it opens in April. I’m totally serious. I saw a free preview of it tonight, and it was hilarious. I now feel inspired to start my own school of kung fu fighting. Don’t have a name yet, but surely it will include the following words:


Please feel free to send along your suggestions as they come.

Today, Wednesday, March 30, is Celine Dion’s birthday. Please celebrate as you see fit. I will spend the day speaking in a horrible Quebecois accent, thumping my chest emphatically, and signing autographs for confused passersby. Oh, and it’s my birthday, too, so I will also be accepting gifts, e-mails, cards, letters, and good kisses from my nearest and dearest. Word.


Judy Holliday – What’ll I Do; Happy Mondays – God’s Cop; Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion; Garbage – Special; Chaka Khan – I Know You, I Live You (this is, quite possibly, one of the most perfect love songs I have heard); Michel’le – No More Lies; Monica – The First Night



~ by Jasmine on March 30, 2005.

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you’ll post later about how you had a wild and crazy night tonight.

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