350 *teaser*: scar tissue

In the words of Jim Anchower, author of the seminal “The Cruise” column in The Onion, “Hola, amigos. What do you hear? I know it’s been a long time since I rapped at ya,” but I had some stuff going on. For being so so patient, below are my notes for the next flip front which is about two weeks overdue. Enjoy the notes, and I’ll write very very very very soon.


*notes for 350*

dead people: prince rainier of monaco, saul bellow, andrea dworkin

allergies, head colds, blah blah blah (staying home with telly, the travel channel, 1 lb. of bacon)

charles & camilla (a boy and his horse? too mean)

cut and run (haircut with messeret)

the dog (watching spencer while KJB is in MSP with GR); dog run with Team Goldberg

el tapatio (Lisa & Erin)

indorktrination with unkie dan, davey, the leader, and pogie (BBQ, video game, “fear the tube”)


pork chops (honey + pecans + butter)

ANTM and props to Kev for helping me alphabetize my CDs (spin, turntablism, filipinos)

highlights in reality television: ANTM, Intervention, Forty Deuce

going to the doctor: EKG, “HIV risky behavior”, puritan pills


taxes and adobo (party on harrison & canal)

shopping with Misses Kathy and Jacinda

hot brown people

CPK, pt. 2

new shoes

our lady of the overpass

new pope (panzerkardinal)

scar tissue — ?????????????


~ by Jasmine on April 20, 2005.

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