the humpty dance

There is nothing quite like catching yourself reflected in profile in, say, a big plate glass window and thinking “Oh, are there sumo wrestlers in town?”

For as long as I can remember, I have been fat. It crept up from chubby through obesity (hello, college) and I can honestly say that it’s now life-threatening. Not in and of itself, but things that I am suffering from because of it include such fabulous diseases like diabetes! PCOS! High blood pressure! Sleep apnea! As Ab Fab’s Patsy Stone might not say, “Oh, yeah, fantastic!”

But not surprisingly, I don’t want to die. At least, not from this shit.

Rather than just convalesce at home, eating ice cream, listening to The Smiths, and waiting for my ticker to stop ticking, I’ve decided to enlist the help of the good doctors and medical staff at my unnamed-major-hospital-that-kicks-ass. This is me putting my ass (and my health insurance) to work.

Link to this blog from your own blogs, and I’ll link to yours, too. Tell your friends — fat, skinny, whatever. I like to think that the more people out there who are aware of this, the more people out there who are thinking of me and my fat ass and cheering me on to, not thin-ness, but somehwere well enough below the weight limit for riding a Segway.

But that’s a story for another time.

Take care, and stay tuned . . .


~ by Jasmine on April 28, 2005.

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