354: everybody’s gonna be happy

Jasmine’s List of Right-Ons (spring 2005)

I don’t punctuate every item on my list like Marlys does hers, but maybe I should. Dunno — do you see a difference in enthusiasm between plain old “turkey bacon” and “turkey bacon!!!!!!!!”?

And yes, the next flip front will be business as usual.

  1. the followings words: elbow, ganache, yes, taut.
  2. the Wild Horses of Shackleford Banks (www.shacklefordhorses.org)
  3. Judy Holliday records
  4. label-makers
  5. lentil soup
  6. blank notebooks
  7. a cake made out of pie
  8. good kissers (honorable mention: bad kissers who know they’re bad and are working on getting better)
  9. the air before a thunderstorm
  10. lumpia
  11. freckles
  12. the cheap yet tasty Belgian chocolate you can find at the Target on Elston Avenue near Diversey (it comes in a brown wrapper with pink dots – Jacalyn said I got it just for the pink dots, and she’s not completely wrong, but the chocolate ended up being delicious)
  13. any older building that lacks a 13th floor (not buildings 12 stories tall or less, but buildings whose elevator buttons go from 12 to 14)
  14. saganaki
  15. the following message in a belated birthday card I just got from my friend Chris: “The card is late, but the love is not.”
  16. Our Lady of The Overpass
  17. the mere fact that there is such a thing as a frisbee from Gucci: http://www.gucci.com/us/product-shots/us-english/us/ss05_gf_140667_J0600_5515.asp
  18. that moment during a facial at the Aveda institute when the facialist asks you to take a deep breath in, then as you breathe out they gently push down on your shoulders — oh. my. goodness, it feels awesome.
  19. hickeys
  20. jackin’ (as in dancing to house music, not robbing somebody — sheesh, what kind of girl do you think i am?)
  21. if you ever find yourself in the elevator at the Galter Pavilion (675 N. St. Clair), take it to the lobby and be careful to listen to the recorded voice say ‘Lobby’ as you walk out — whoever she is, she sounds sassy
  22. the way bologna humps up when you fry it
  23. Diet Dr. Pepper
  24. brown rubber flip flops from Old Navy (worn with the right outfit, they can be downright elegant)
  25. taking Friday afternoon off so I can go to the Cubs-White Sox game at Wrigley
  26. Uno
  27. baby aspirin
  28. anything on the menu at Margie’s Candies
  29. losing 5 pounds
  30. agua de jamaica
  31. mixing bowls
  32. cleavage
  33. dogs with floppy ears
  34. dogs, generally


Magnetic Fields – Kiss Me Like You Mean It; Depeche Mode – I Feel You;cErasure – Victim of Love; Erasure – Chains Of Love; Erasure – Stop!;cJanet Jackson – When I Think Of You; Billy Preston – Get Back

Chicago Summerdance schedule


~ by Jasmine on May 19, 2005.

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  1. […] 8. freckles — I now have some on my cheeks. I don’t know why. Maybe something in my Neutrogena face cream is rendering the sunblock in my facial moisturizer impotent. The freckles, they’re here to stay. And this isn’t the first time they’ve appeared in my list — remember the spring 2005 edition? […]

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