355: actif ou passif?

{I see the moon and the moon sees me}Thursday, May 20: Most evenings after work, when I should be rushing home to clean my apartment, defrost my freezer, or develop a household budget like most responsible adults, I walk across the loop with Cynthia. Ostensibly, this is to get me to the blue line so I can get home sooner. Really, though, we’re on our way to Marshall Field’s to find Cynthia a Cubs cap and t-shirt to wear to Friday’s game. I happen to buy a dry rub for chicken — it looks like it could be delicious, and has a smiling Ming Tsai on the lid.

Let me take a moment to verbally ogle Ming. He’s cute, he can cook, he’s cute, and he decided, after getting a degree in mechanical engineering from Yale (hi Michael!), he went to Paris to cook. Also, he’s cute. He is also the newest member of my secret celebrity boyfriend club. Oh, yeah, fantastic . . .

Friday, May 21: I leave work at 11:30, walking to the red line with Pat. We’re on our way to meet Cynthia and Oscar. Until the previous Friday, Oscar was my co-worker and now he was on his way to move up north to Wisconsin. So the first game in the Cubs/White Sox crosstown series followed by an early supper at Coobah is our last hurrah.

Oscar will be moving up to a town called Minocqua, where he is part owner in an internet cafe. He will also be managing his other business, a gift shop in (wait for it) Boulder Junction. I’m sorry, but Boulder Junction? Doesn’t that sound like one of the less popular attractions in the Frontierland section at Disney? I’m just saying.

Our seats are in the nosebleed section, but no matter. I’m really there to people-watch, eat a burger, and drink diet soda. I sit next to Pat, who is working through a 20 oz. water bottle full of vodka. He cuts it with a 20 oz. bottle of Sprite. All around us, members of the Cubs nation consume hot dogs, popcorn, licorice, and lite beer. They are crappy tippers, generally, a point picked on by the Sox fans in our section. I just roll my eyes at the pissing contest and think that I can see it now, a riot ensues over who tips more for frozen dessert cups.

I ponder the red line, thinking of it as a divide between Boystown and Wrigleyville, the gay and the “Dude, I am totally not gay, dude!” Teenage boys in shorts on a bright but somewhat chilly afternoon. Crowds of teenage girls wearing suggestively tailored Cubs t-shirts and tight jeans chain-smoking on the ramps. Couples in matching track suits and satin Cubs baseball jackets. And I have to say that everytime I see another Asian person I’m all “My people!” Because I’m ignorant like that.

After the game, we wander over to the restaurant. We’re early, so I get some ice cream from the fancy Australian ice cream parlor next door. Dinner is delicious, though I must confess that Pat’s loudness is distracting. Though not so much that I am unable to enjoy the lumpia, the pork, the mango nectar and the black bean tamale.

I check my messages on the way home, calling a friend who is not feeling well. Leave a message for him, then sit back in the cab and try to nap. I am not successful. Once home, I have a sandwich then put on too much makeup. I go out with the boys to celebrate Sean E’s birthday at Gold Star. I haven’t been in a bar since I quit smoking. I realize that I miss smoking like hell. Ryan and I brainstorm about our respective secret writing projects. I take pictures of myself acting goofy with Bill and Sean. Catch up with Ramone.

Saturday, 5/21: Kathy comes over with jerk chicken, rice and beans, and Jamaican beef patties. I cry like I was just crowned Miss America. We brainstorm about what we’re going to get at Stanley’s, Trader Joe’s, Cub Foods. Kevin and Maria wander over, Kevin to join us on our shopping trip, Maria just to say hi before she and the dog frolic in the dog park.

Before any groceries are bought, Kevin. Must. Eat. And I desire a snack. Kathy requires dessert. We return to the old favorite, the California Pizza Kitchen on North & Sheffield. I have the tortilla soup — hurrah. We consider the free underpants we got from a Crunch gym employee — they have “Pay-As-You-Go” silkscreened on the seat. We have a good time at lunch, though I, as ever, do not remember everything we said. Just that it was hilarious.

We burn through all the grocery stores quickly — vanilla soy milk and golden cherries and two pineapples and baby spinach and plum tomatoes and fresh mint at Stanley’s. Chocolate soy milk and string cheese and vegan pad thai and fancy Greek yogurt at Trader Joe’s. While we’re at Trader Joe’s, grooving with the hippie cashiers, Kathy asks me which do I prefer, shopping for clothes or shopping for food? Food, but I prefer shopping for shoes above all. And no, you may not call me Imelda.

Vegetarian corn dogs and milk at Cub Foods, where Kevin and I frug in the aisles while Kathy ignores us and chooses yogurt. I am running late to meet Theresa and Jacinda for dinner then a show at Nick’s beer garden, so I bail because I am a loser. Also because I didn’t get Theresa’s voicemail until about 4 hours after she placed it. I hate Sprint. Stop at Target so I can finally FINALLY get a shelving thingie for my CDs. Also a small bar of Belgian chocolate. Final stop at the Blockbuster so we can rent ‘History of the World Pt. I’. We finally arrive at my house where Kevin begins putting together the CD shelf and we chug Arizona’s light version of the iced tea/lemonade beverage made popular by Arnold Palmer. A lovely end to a lovely day.

Sunday, 5/22: While I finish putting together the CD unit, I watch ‘Where The Boys Are’ and ‘Hannah and Her Sisters’ on cable. Maria comes over so we can walk to first one dog park, then the other, to hang out with Spencer as he makes a lame attempt at playing with other dogs. He’s still so excited that Maria is home that all he can do, really, is hover around her. So cute. It’s hot, so all I can do is saunter around and shade my eyes from the sun. Later that evening, Kathy comes over so we can compose the fruit salad and watch “Love, Actually”.

Shut up, you know you liked it, too.

After Kathy left, I finally set up my CPAP machine. I fill the humidifier with water. Attach one end of the hose to the unit, the other to my mask. I slip the mask on, take out my contacts, turn on the CPAP, and fall, quite easily, asleep. A few things go through my head as I slip into la-la land:

1. I am not getting any ass as long as I am sleeping with this thing.

2. What the hell am I going to do Memorial Day weekend when I go to Michigan and share a hotel room with Khloe, Jeff, Jeremy, and Helen? I know they’re my friends but they’re never going to let me hear the end of it.

Monday, 5/23: Finally. Birthday dinner with Theresa and Jacinda. My birthday was almost two months ago, but Theresa still treated me to a lovely dinner at Irazu. I have the agua de jamaica, squid and rice, an empanada. Jacinda permits me to have a sip of her banana and oatmeal milkshake, which is yummy. We try to go for coffee after dinner, but the new coffee place near my apartment is closed (at 8:30 — so early, even for a Monday) so back to my place so we can watch the instructional DVD that came with my CPAP. It’s so the feel-good instructional movie of the year. I model my mask for Jacinda and Theresa. I feel like a freak, so I take it off after a few seconds.

Tuesday, 5/24: Lunch at Rice Fields with Jacalyn and Frank. Rice Fields. I still love the MSG, but I had a headache after lunch. On the plus side, I feel like I have a breakthrough at work. Like I finally figure out what I need to do, so I do it, and Christina seems to dig on it so hurrah. One less thing for me to worry about.

Wednesday, 5/25: Chocolate yogurt for breakfast, with some fruit salad. It’s a good thing I ate breakfast, as it’s the last day Christina’s in the office before she leaves for vacation for the next two weeks. A lot of things to go over and remember and think about and delegate and parse and write down. Also, a couple of folks are quitting, including Kofi. I am really sad to see Kofi go, as he is so very nice and cute and fluent in French and cute.

After work, I get a mani/pedi at the cheapo place on Clybourn & Willow. My feet no longer look like Fred Flintstones, like I’ve been using them to brake my pre-historic car. A callus shaver must be employed, and I am horrified at all the layers of skin that come flying just FLYING off my feet. Ew. Not hott. But it’s all worth it when I look at my feet, wiggle my toes, then put my smelly sneakers back on so I can start the trip home.


Notorious B.I.G. – Juicy; Lil’ Kim – Big Momma Thang; Michael Buble – Feeling Good; Justin Timberlake – Like I Love You

http://www.legendaryhouseofpendavis.org (be warned — the page loads up playing an embedded mp3 of First Choice’s ‘Love Thang’, so if you’re at work, close the door to your office or turn off your speakers)

Hannah and Her Sisters
Where The Boys Are


~ by Jasmine on May 27, 2005.

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