357: rock out with yer COC out

1. goodbye alma (5/29)

When you hear the phrase ‘Continental breakfast’, what comes to mind? I imagine a fresh croissant with honey butter, cafe con leche, and a small glass of grapefruit juice. Sadly, the Days Inn felt differently: corn flakes. Cheerios. Folgers and cereal bars. A basket of fruit (ooh, bananas). Aw, hell, it was free, so I had a bowl of Cheerios while I watched CNN. The boys went for one more swim while I put on makeup and figured out what shoes to wear. I decided to wear flip-flops, which was just the thing for a morning spent watching large men in kilts fling large weights and logs dozens of feet into the air. When I wasn’t at the caber toss, I was communing with the ducks in a nearby field.

Lunch was a cheesesteak eaten outside in the sunshine. We missed the herding exhibition, so we walked around some more until Tim’s band competed a little after 2. The afternoon competitions were divided across three different circles on a field, organized by grade. Tim’s circle feature performances mostly from grade 2 bands, so the performances were pretty tight. We couldn’t stick around for the awards ceremony at 5, so we said goodbye to Tim and hit the road back to Chicago. Jeremy drove the first half of the return leg — we talked about music until we were somewhere west of Grand Rapids, stopping to gas up the car, eat a quick dinner at Bennigan’s, then milkshakes from Steak n’ Shake for the last two hours of the trip home.

2. a-brisket, a brasket, another barbecue at Dan’s (5/30)

If Dan invites you over for brisket, go. You will have all the brisket and corn and brats and italian sausage you can eat. Which, in my case, wasn’t a lot, but it was all delicious. Rev. Matt got a little drunk, which didn’t concern me too much until he took to squabbling with Eric over beer and, in the commotion, managed to cut both his hand and Jacinda’s hand with a bottle cap. When I finally left Dan’s house at 10, Matt was sobering up in the courtyard with a cup of water.

3. liver and let die (5/31 through 6/2)

a. dietitian (5/31, 3:15 pm) — I’ve lost 8 pounds since I saw her three weeks ago. She gave me more homework: more vegetables. Wear a pedometer.

b. hepatologist (6/1, 10:30 am) — Dr. R. told me she didn’t think the ultrasound I had a month ago would have told her much anyway, so she orders a biopsy. She tells me I have fatty liver disease, which currently has no known cure or proven treatment. I just have to eat right and lose weight. She seems to think that I’m just predisposed to gain weight, and certainly the PCOS doesn’t help me any more. She asked me to think of bariatric surgery, but only if dieting and stepping up the exercise doesn’t do anything. Dr. R. sends me to the lab, where I give up 13 test tubes of blood out of my right arm. I feel downright euphoric afterwards, then I realize it’s because I haven’t eaten all day and I’m missing some blood, so I bust ass to the cafeteria for some rotisserie chicken before heading back to work.

Oh, and she weighed me, and I’m a few pounds less than when I was weighed the previous day. Since April 13, I’ve lost 18 pounds. Really? I asked Kevin about this last night as he was driving me home from my MRI (see next item) and he said that he’s definitely noticed that I’ve lost weight. Again, I ask, really? I hadn’t noticed. I shouldn’t get too excited, though this is the least I’ve weighed in two years.

c. liver MRI (6/2, 6:00 pm) — Either MRI’s are smaller than one would think, or I’m just that much bigger, but I had to stretch both arms over my head while the MRI took pictures of my liver. I didn’t do very well at holding my breath so my pictures were all, in the words of one of the nurses, “motiony”. I feel like a loser.

4. deep throat (other stuff)

a. Mark Felt? Really? Okay.

b. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? Really? Okay.

c. Paris and Paris? Whatevs.

d. Watch “Beauty and The Geek” on the WB. Seriously. It’s actually pretty good. And Joe? The blond geek virgin? He’s a student at the U of C, so you Maroons have to show the love.


Me: “A stranger is a friend you haven’t met.”
Jacinda: “No, a strange is somebody I haven’t judged yet.”

TV on the Radio – Staring at the Sun; Britney Spears – Me Against the Music; Usher – Caught Up; The Smiths – Back to the Old House



~ by Jasmine on June 3, 2005.

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