yeah, baby

{image}I think The Manolo would love these. True, they’re priced a bit lower than his usual favorites. And yes, they are from Old Navy, that bastion of inexpensive but often unremarkable 4 of July t-shirts, cargo shorts, and candy-colored flip-flops.

But to a chubby girl on a budget, the ON can be a miracle, especially now that they have clothes for the bigger lady. Oh! These shoes! They evoke Jackie O and Marie Antoinette, a wearable, easy everyday luxury that couldn’t be cheaper. I would pair this with white jeans and a rose linen tunic, or last season’s boho-chic peasant blouse and a circle skirt. Given how inexpensive they are, you city gals might want to grab a couple pairs should one pair become smudged with the exhaust, humidity, and restlessness that defines summer in the city.


~ by Jasmine on June 6, 2005.

2 Responses to “yeah, baby”

  1. These do look fabulous for summer. But are they comfortable?

  2. I own two pairs of ON ballet slippers, last summer’s plain vinylicious slippers in black and red. They were not comfortable for wearing out of the house, as the soles were practically non-existent. These, however, look like they have a more substantial sole, though not by much. My advice: get some insoles from the drugstore (or the chemist, as they say in Europe — ya know, where the history comes from) and slip them in.

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