360: prime numbers

No, I haven’t been avoiding you lot. Yes, I have been avoiding doing the dishes. Sadly, the sink smells kinda funny which brings me to this. Finally. Sadly, this is going to be another one of those flip fronts where I just give you a list of what I’ve been doing for the last two weeks so you can say “Oh, so *that’s* why the bitch hasn’t been returning my phone calls.”

6/16 (Thursday) — It’s a gorgeous night, and I have to call Nadine to dish, so I walk around and talk to Nadine on the phone about her new possibly mullet-like haircut. I tell her that, since none of her bridesmaids were able to attend the bridal shower Nick’s family threw for her in Buffalo, that Jacinda and I will have one for her here. In Chicago. We will direct people to Nick & Nadine’s registry, feed people cookies and lemonade, and maybe we’ll remember to send the gifts we collect. Or we may just turn them in for cash and flee to Mexico.

6/17 (Friday) — It is sad that Jacalyn had to leave early for a wake, but good for me, as I can decorate her desk with balloons and streamers. Her birthday falls on Sunday, so a bunch of us will be surprising her on Monday with cake. I get Joanna to help me attach streamers to the ceiling. Also, I wanna gossip some about boys. But then, when don’t I want to gossip about boys?

6/18 (Saturday) — Every once in a while, splurging on a fantastic pedicure is not a bad thing. Which brings me to Honey Child. My feet never felt so soft, so I keep rubbing them together during lunch at Cafe Iberico afterwards. At the salon were Tasneem (French pedicure) and Adrienne (manicure). We ran into Robin, whom I hadn’t seen in so very long, and had to dash out the door to meet Will to do, like, coupley stuff, I think. So she missed it as we, now joined by Kathy, gorged on goat cheese and jamon Iberico and sangria. We cursed a lot, talked loads of shit, and I believe I blushed furiously at some point. Conveniently for me, I don’t remember it well enough to tell you people, so you will have to deal. After lunch, walk to the Apple Store to see if Adrienne’s iPod can be saved (it can’t). Tony meets us there. We walk back towards Iberico, so Adrienne and Kathy can get their cars to drive to Tony & Tasneem’s. On the way, we meet a lovely pug named Audrey. Audrey had a lustrous black coat which managed to outshine even the ginormous diamante collar around her neck. Audrey was so friendly, and knew how to work a crowd. She nuzzled me, Kathy, Tasneem, Adrienne — so sweet! I still want a beagle. And a small rockhopper penguin and a duck.

Okay, I’ll stop now.

The day continued with seven games of UNO. Which, with Tony and Tasneem especially, can get really scandalous. Even more than the Draw Fours, those Draw Twos are bitches. I’d put one down, then Tasneem, then Tony, and then poor Kathy would have to draw six cards off the pile. All the while Tony is yelling “Set it off! Set it off!” and I’m trying hard not to laugh.

6/19 (Sunday): Breakfast at Wishbone with Tony, Tasneem, Adrienne, and Kathy — yay! Cheap gorgeous t-shirt at Izod outlet store in Aurora — more yay! Not finding comfy sandals to wear — boo! Calling dad for father’s day only to find out Patrick is in the hospital — BOO. Going for frozen custard– yay! I get measured at one of the bra stores we girls visited and finding out I am now a D-cup and the chest measurement has decreased 3 inches — I think it was the bra I was wearing fooling the sales assistant, but I’ll take the YAY!

6/21 (Tuesday):

1. Dinner with Joan and the girls — the girls are so big. I brought ice cream for dessert, stopping at Harper Food’s for Ben & Jerry’s. At the market, I ran into my old boss Mike who caught me up on his family.

2. Joan made these amazingly tender chicken breasts, poaching them in a mixture of olive oil, mayonnaise, lemon juice, and butter. I was licking my plate, it was so good.

3. We had red wine while the girls fought over pens.

4. I miss Joan.

6/22 (Wednesday): My new project is described at http://www.dmsf.org. Check it out! And when I say “my new project”, it doesn’t mean I’m, like, running it. Oh no — there’s an executive director and a board for that. No, I’m part of the associate board, chaired by Tony. It’s gonna be cool.

6/24 (Friday):

1. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jasmine/sets/499318/ — Fabulous. If you’re interested in having a party at the Little Black Pearl, hiring Danielle Ashley Communications for PR or event planning, or hiring the wonderful caterers (grilled shrimp on yummy toast! mini baked new potatoes with goat cheese! Champagne!), e-mail me for their info.

2. Jacinda need a part-time work study husband to work the 10pm to 1am shift, weeknights. No, not for *that* — somebody to hang out and watch ‘The Daily Show’ and ‘Roseanne’ after Joe has gone to bed. This was my job when we lived together, so clearly the position needs to be filled.

3. After the reception, I went to the Florrian with Jacinda and Jorge. Jorge got the stuffed wheat crust pizza — I felt guilty, like I should be home doing my Hum reading instead of talking shit and eating jalapeño poppers.

6/26 (Sunday): http://flickr.com/photos/jasmine/sets/504936/

6/27 (Monday):

1. Cereality finally opens. Walking across the Monroe Street bridge to get to work, I am greeted on the other side by Cap’n Crunch. I thought I was hallucinating from the heat, but no. He was very real and handing out cereal bars.

2. Long day at work. Day is hot. Kevin and I go to the Hollywood Grill where I make the mistake of having chicken fried chicken for dinner. Never again. Feeling restless, we drive to the ‘burbs to see Joe and Jacinda. On the Ike, we turn up XRT and dance to INXS and scream the words to ‘Need You Tonight’ out the window to our fellow motorists.

3. We loll in the backyard, watching Jacinda fill the birdfeeders. She outlines her plot to kill the beetles that have been plaguing the gigantic tree in her yard. There is this glint in her eye that convinces me that, given the opportunity, Jacinda would make a very efficient dictator.

4. Walk to Gina’s. I get the cherry, which is more maraschino than bing. Eh. However, its mediocrity cannot ruin a perfect summer evening.

6/29 (Wednesday): I finally see Morris Day and the Time, though it’s in less than ideal conditions (crowded lawn, Taste of Chicago, 92 degrees). Cynthia and I act out, during the set and afterwards before The Gap Band comes on. The V103 play an amazing set, punctuated notably by a cover of “Let No Man Put Asunder” and “Percolator”. As we leave towards the end of The Gap Band’s set, I try to convince her that we should check out SummerDance (Lego, Jesse De La Pena) at the southern end of the park, but she must go home to her family, and I had to come home to tell you all about it.


And I believe most lovers
will lie to you eventually
and though I believe two wrongs don’t ever make a right
–sometimes slashing his tires makes you feel better
(Staceyann Chin)

Dean Martin – Good Mornin’ Life; Gillian Welch & David Rawlings – My Dear Someone; Eric B. & Rakim – Microphone Fiend; The Sugarhill Gang – Apache


*birthday wishes*
Bill (6/25)
Jacqueline (6/28)
Justin (6/28)
Olivia (6/30)


~ by Jasmine on June 30, 2005.

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