love her or liver

No doctor’s appointments since the biopsy. Actually, no word from anybody since the biopsy. Should I be worried? Isn’t no news good news? Does that tired-ass cliché apply to the health of one’s liver?

I can’t find my receipt from the last time I picked up meds. Unless I find it, I am $70 in the hole and cannot be reimbursed from my FlexSpend account. Booh.

Normally, the bill for my meds is $60, but since I have post-nasal drip because of the blood pressure medication (and I’m sure it’s that, and not my CPAP, as I tested it by sleeping without my CPAP over the holiday weekend — bad, I know, but there was a science experiment at stake), I must now squirt Flonase up my nostrils once every day. Two squirts per nostril. Yeah, it’s very sexy, I know.

I also need to catch up on two weeks worth of entries in my food journal. I think I stopped some time around the 21st of June, and there is a lot of debauchery to document. If you happen to have shared a meal with me between 6/21 and today, e-mail me the date, location, and what I had for, the meal. It would help a lot.


~ by Jasmine on July 7, 2005.

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