7/14/05: Amherst, NY


It took me almost as long to get to the airport (MDW) from my house (which is more ORD adjacent than anything) as it did to fly from MDW to BUF. I don’t know that the trip could have been that much faster if I had taken a cab or somehow convinced somebody to drive me. Which is hard to do at noon on a school day, but there you are.

I was at MDW with plenty of time to check in, go through security, and get something bad to eat on the way to gate A15. As I chowed down on my double quarter pounder, I searched for a wireless network at the gate. I found nothing, so I went over some of the e-mails sent to me about this wedding I was going to attend over the weekend:

Once the receiving line is done there will be toasts and we’ll cut the cake. If you have any desire to give a toast, let us know. If you don’t volunteer, you may be pressed into service. So: toasts, cake, and then dancing! We’ll lead off a dance, and then you all are expected to join in so that we don’t have to dance alone, which will feel really stupid.

The flight was uneventful. It was full, but it didn’t feel that way to me. Firstly, because I had a window seat. Secondly, the girl sitting next to me was pretty thin and slept through the flight, so she didn’t bug me with incessant chatter or copious makeup application. I read the in-flight magazine, Spirit, and it was actually quite charming. Also, I think the editor’s pretty cute.

Nadine & Nick picked me up at BUF, we drove to this rather sad liquor store to buy gin (near empty shelves, what bottles were there were dusty) before arriving at Nick’s dad’s house. Cute house! Cute dad and stepmom puttering around the house. Cute cats — one kinda mean, the other very nice. We sat for about a minute before the three of us got back in the car and drove downtown so that Nadine could have dinner with her parents, and Nick and I could go have a sandwich.

As we drove around, Nick pointed out various corners of meaning. We parked somewhere on Elmwood Avenue, near a food co-op and kitty corner from a Krispy Kreme. On the way to Caffe Aroma, I marveled at the lovely houses. Oooh, so pretty. For dinner, a salami wrap and iced tea. Nick had something that looked really great, but I managed to restrain myself from stealing food off his plate as we talked about freelancing opportunities. Meandered into the bookstore next door, where we flipped through books and waited for the rain to stop. We walked back to the car, drove past the wedding ceremony site, and got a little turned around before we went back to pick up Nadine. Nadine, having survived dinner with her parents, suggested we meander over to the Hyatt to drop off folders of wedding information for Joe&Jacinda Rozi&Andrew. On the way, we got to observe the underage drinkers of Buffalo in their natural environment, the cheesy bars of downtown. It was really cool.

Nadine and I spent the balance of the evening playing with her hair, eating shrimp, and drinking gin. Nick and the boys went out to drink. Al & P.J. went to sleep.


~ by Jasmine on July 15, 2005.

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