buffalo preview

a few things for you guys to think about for the next trip report

1. “open seating” on Southwest — democracy at work or a cattle call?

2. i don’t know if the A terminal at BUF smells like wings on purpose or not

3. Zippy rules

4. When Al and P.J. tell you to make yourself at home and eat anything in the kitchen, they actually mean it. This includes the jumbo shrimp in the freezer.

5. If you’re going to be outside in the hot hot sun for a long long time, consider carrying a parasol.

6. How do you radiate joy?

7. If anyone tells you to get your nails done at Rose Nail Salon in downtown Buffalo, ask them why.

8. If you’ve been a vegetarian for years and eat wings for the first time in, well, years, be very careful.

9. I think that, given the chance, if I had to do it over again, I would have ordered two of the dress that Libby and Michelle wore and found an extremely talented seamstress to turn those two dresses into one that would fit me. I mean, I liked the dress that I wore in the wedding, but I didn’t totally love it, either.

10. Drunk Jasmine is fun Jasmine.

11. Fantasy Island is the fiercest drag queen in Buffalo.

12. Say what you will about Gwyneth Paltrow — she’s too skinny, she’s a vegan, she gave her child a ridiculous name — she is a fantastic role model when it comes to hair.

13. When I sweat, it all comes out of my forehead.

14. I shouldn’t be allowed to give toasts, as I always end up revealing more about myself (too much in fact) than anything else.

15. I’m going to have karaoke at my reception if I get married.

16. The part of my conscience that tells me not to smoke sounds like Bob George.

17. The following people know all the words (and know when to clap, too) to Hall & Oates’ “Private Eyes”: Damien, Rozi, Jacinda, Andrew, and Joe.

18. If you chat up the guy who drives the airport shuttle at the Comfort Suites on Saturday nights, he will drive you to the Rendezvous in west Buffalo for free. Remember to tip!

19. The corridors at the Comfort Suites in downtown Buffalo were not air-conditioned. You could, however, make your own waffles at the free “continental” breakfast.

20. Harry Poofter and the Half-Nude Prince

21. The American side of Niagara Falls is really depressing.


~ by Jasmine on July 18, 2005.

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