368: jessica + luiz 4-eva

1. saturday

Jessica and Luiz got married. I almost didn’t make it on time as I was late getting out of bed, into the shower, on the road. I slicked my hair up into another ponytail (which comes as a disappointment to those of you on permanent Jasmine Hair Watch, I know) and applied lip gloss in the cab. The wedding was at a lovely Catholic church on the northwest side of Chicago. The church was easy to spot as it had a gigantic stretch Hummer parked in front of it. Bridesmaids in satin dresses the color of cappucino looked impossibly cool and calm. I ran up the steps to find that most folks were still loitering around the entrance, or smoking on the sidewalk outside. I took a seat with some co-workers and waited for the ceremony to begin.

I have to say that I was a little disappointed that the service was only about an hour long. I expected a two hour long mass with a long homily, readings, and psalms to keep us standing, sitting, and kneeling all afternoon. The bridesmaids came down the aisle pretty quickly, so my pictures were blurry. The priest was awfully brief, though he made up for it by being pretty funny. There were no mishaps or mistakes. Nothing caught fire or otherwise met an unfortunate demise. The bride was radiant, the groom positively smitten. A bridesmaid sang “Amazing Grace” as the Catholics received Communion. I went up, muttering “amen” as I took the wafer in my cupped left hand and put it into my mouth with my right. The wafer stuck to the roof my mouth as I knelt, a stream of random thoughts rush into my head:

  1. What’s the carb count in a Communion wafer?
  2. Is my skirt jacked up over the pew so everyone can see my underwear?
  3. Did I remember to lock my door?
  4. Is my top too low-cut for church?

Oh, and I totally prayed for Luiz and Jessica, too. I’m not a complete moron.

Then the ceremony was over and I had two hours to kill until the reception. I ran into Theresa and Vincent, a couple of co-workers who had attended the wedding together. Having no cars but valid licenses, they had rented a car to get to the church and to the reception hall, saving us all the bother of having to call cabs or use public transportation. Naturally, I cadged a ride from them. We visited Walgreen’s for Red Bull and breath mints, then went back to Theresa’s to rest a bit before the party. It was heaven to put my feet up, chug a diet Coke with Splenda, and watch my favorite episode of Roseanne before getting back to the wedding celebration.

Oh, Porretta’s. How I love you. My steak was perfect. The room was lit such that everybody looked good by the candlelight and under the gigantic chandeliers. Almost all the appetizers were deep-fried — yum. The bridal party entered to Iggy’s “Lust for Life”. Jessica and Luiz made their entrance to the opening strains of Siouxsie and the Banshees’ “Kiss Them for Me”. There was a sit-down dinner, which was yummy. I especially enjoyed the afore-mentioned steak, the hazelnut gelato, and the chilled merlot. I sat with Vince and Theresa, Jessica’s childhood friend Steve and his date Margaret of the flawless makeup, and a crew of Luiz’s cool co-workers. I inhaled my dinner, avoided the sweets table, and danced. My. Ass. Off.

Danced with the bridesmaids. Theresa. Vince. My boss, Christina. The bride. The groom. Theresa and Vince again. Mary Ann, another co-worker. I did the twist, the pony, the cha cha cha, and (only very briefly) the robot. Also, did y’all know that Jessica can do a bit of that Greek kicking dance that the Fonz did in that episode of “Happy Days” where he competed in a dance contest with Joanie? And in a wedding dress with a full ballgown skirt?

2. sunday

“Nobody worries about kids listening to thousands, literally thousands of songs about heartbreak, rejection, pain, misery and loss. Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable? Or was I miserable because I listened to pop music?” (High Fidelity, 2000)

After the excitement of Saturday, I needed a day to laze about. Maria has more channels than me, so I hung out at her place and watched lots and lots of HBO On Demand. I tried to retrieve her mail but I could not open the mailbox.

I read an old copy of Dirty Found. I watched the music videos shown on Logo, the new gay cable network, and found myself in tears when the clip for Bright Eyes’ “First Day of My Life” came on. It was just so sweet and so cute and I totally wanted to be listening to the song on headphones on a couch somewhere with my best friend, too. Gosh. Considering how choked up I got just over that one tiny song, who knows what would have happened had I *not* taken my happy pill today?

I did have a good idea today. I’m going to take that “Pretty in Pink” prom idea Theresa gave me and make it real. Only instead of having the prom on my birthday (which isn’t until March), I thought I’d have it on New Year’s Eve, instead. You folks who live out of town, wouldn’t you just love to jet to Chicago for what I am sure will be a frozen but very fun weekend? I know you all have been dying to wear your old prom dresses one last time. We can make corsages! So save the date, bitches, and I’ll be sure to save a dance and a kiss for you.


PS: It’s only been off the air forever for two hours now, but I am totally missing Six Feet Under.

The Jimmy Castor Bunch – It’s Just Begun; Liz Phair – Everything to Me; Tegan and Sara – Speak Slow; Dizzee Rascal – Fix Up, Look Sharp; The Rapture – House of Jealous Lovers; Army of Lovers – Crucified; Bright Eyes – First Day of My Life



~ by Jasmine on August 22, 2005.

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