weird and/or totally cool shite y’all should go out and buy for me me me

  • Bubbies: I was buying organic eggs and whole wheat pasta at Whole Paycheck when I saw Bubbies Mochi in the ice cream case. Did I buy some? No. Why not? ‘Cos I’m a sucker. I mean, I *love* me some mochi but I eschewed it because I thought I should behave myself. Whatevs — behaving is for suckers.
  • Custom dinnerware from Pfz: I have to confess that I saw this in the September issue of Glamour. It’s still rad. I want to get myself monogrammed plates that say RAD or ASS on them. Because I’m totally fourteen years old.
  • Cool or unusual Beatles covers: A quick composer search for “Lennon” or “McCartney” or “George Harrison” yields not one but FIVE Beatles and John Lennon covers by Barbra Streisand. Joe Cocker’s soulful take on “With A Little Help From My Friends”. My recommendation for something weird would be to get her vaudeville-tastic version of “Honey Pie” for when you’re in a mood. Of course, nothing could ever beat William Shatner’s “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” — classic. But I think, though, that the best one by far is Earth Wind & Fire’s “Got to Get You into My Life” — superior to the original Beatles version, and on daily rotation on my iPod.
  • Sweet Action: When I was having dinner at Andreas’s house last week in Philadelphia, Nadine, Olivia, and I got to talking about things you shouldn’t do past a certain age. Like dating guys who are 20 when you’re on the cusp of 30. Shopping at Urban Outfitters. Drink any Coke product that isn’t sweetened with Splenda. I’m cool with boycotting Urban, and letting sugar substitutes dictate what I put in my mouth, but I don’t know about not messing with those younger men. Olivia didn’t think it would work. Whatever. I think that as we age there is inifinitely more shit that we can get away with than not, and hot sex with younger men will always be at the top of that list. But for those of us unwilling to take the plunge (but still perfectly willing to read all about it), there is Sweet Action. Was there ever a better name for anything, let alone a magazine full of pictures of cute naked guys? If you can’t find it at the comic book or underwear store near you (or can’t bear to be seen buying it, you pussy), buy it on-line at Quimby’s.

    ~ by Jasmine on August 24, 2005.

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