no place like rome

My lovely pal Adrienne took me to a screening of HBO’s new series Rome. Holy shit. The show is awesome. I haven’t seen this much gore, political intrigue, and rough sex since Oz left the air in 2003. This could be the second coming of Dynasty but even better as it services the secret ancient civ geek that resides deep within the heart of me.

These Roman Filigree Wire Earrings, another gorgeous yet reasonably priced offering from the paradigm of museum shops that is the Met Museum Store, should satisfy that desire to wear my hair in ringlets and swish about town in an elaborate toga and the flattest sandals I can find. Much better for my fallen arches, too.

So as long as I’m getting these earrings, how easy do you think it would be for me to find some gorgeous youth to feed me grapes as I watch my new favorite show?


~ by Jasmine on August 26, 2005.

One Response to “no place like rome”

  1. I am so very excited about that show. I’m hoping it will fill the gaping hole in my life now that Six Feet Under is off the air.

    Love those earrings. I’ve had an aversion to gold anything for most of my life and now I want gold everything. I guess my Chinese heritage is finally catching up with me.

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