370: hail caesar

1. taking stock

I was thinking about putting the flip front on hiatus, but then I realized I wouldn’t have an outlet for my own self-indulgent ramblings. So you’re stuck with me for the duration. Suckers. At the same time, I’m probably going to put where my money where my mouth is and actually start pitching stories to various media outlets. Wish me luck.

2. dance dance dance

The last Wednesday of SummerDance ’05 was something of a bust. It was impossible to squeeze onto the dancefloor for Terry Hunter’s set. I was slightly tired and the smell of pot being smoked by, like, everybody was giving me a headache. So I went home, leaving Gabe, Kevin, and Rey to brave the crowds.

3. rome (thursday)

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, I caught the first two episodes of HBO’s newest series “Rome”, which begins airing this Sunday. Adrienne was told at the last minute that she could have 20 seats for local affiliates, so I tagged along and reserved a row of seats while she worked the gig a bit with the PR girl who was organizing the guest list. I somehow got mistaken for an HBO employee. I actually answered a few questions about HBO programming. I saw the “Rome” trailer about 20 times, as that was the only clip the theater had to play before the episodes were screened. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to sit through it all after the trailer but I was so wrong. I haven’t seen this much gore, rough sex, and backstabbing since “Oz” was still in production. The Times seemed to think that it wasn’t nearly as good as “I, Caligula”, which set the standard for dramatizations of those citizens of the former Roman Empire. But did “I, Caligula” feature a bulls being killed, slaves getting slapped, improbable sexual couplings?

Seriously, did it? I’ve actually never seen “I, Caligula”.

Though we inhaled a serious amount of buttered popcorn, Adrienne and I were still feeling peckish after the movie. We checked out the new Lucky Strike, which is probably the swankiest lounge/bowling alley/bar/pool hall/wine bar you will ever encounter. Everything was bathed in the sort of warm, flattering light that you can only get from very expensive, well-designed light fixtures. The waiters were handsome, the waitresses were perky and short-skirted. You could take your drinks while reclining on gigantic sectional sofas, curled up in front of a huge fireplace, or tucked into a round booth adjacent to the lanes. Adrienne and I sat in a booth and made sketches of her apartment, drawing and redrawing rectangles as we moved her television, bookshelves, couches. I think I could have rendered much better plans if I’d ever been to her apartment, but c’est la vie. Oh, and the food was really good. I recommend the mashed potato balls.

4. truly madly deeply

Spent Friday night cooking (chicken tikka masala) and watching movies (‘Bride & Prejudice’, ‘Heavenly Creatures’). You people who say I have an active and interesting social life would have been hard-pressed to find evidence of this as I cubed chicken, updated contact information on my iPod, and sorted laundry. Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty busy so I guess it’s good to have a rest (and stay up late reading “Love in a Cold Climate”).


PS: Thursday, I had a long lunch at India House. The buffet was outstanding, the mango lassi creamy, the air fragrant with the smell of tandoori chicken. I was accompanied by a bunch of developers from work, all very cool guys who can put away saag paneer until the cows come home. I cannot recommend this restaurant enough. So if you’re going any time soon, let me know. Or at least bring me that dessert with the cottage cheese and pistachios — yummy.

“Parents alive, Gloucestershire, teachers. Him geography, her history. So holidays it would be ‘Dad, where are we? Mum, have we been here before?'”
(Truly Madly Deeply)

Stevie Wonder – Hey Love; De La Soul – Talkin’ Bout Hey Love; Mary Jane Girls – All Night Long; Mary J. Blige – All Night Long; Neil Young – Cinnamon Girl; Ok GO – C-C-Cinnamon Lips




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  1. I am *so* glad that Flip Front is continuing!! I actually like to read parts to my daughter, still due on Nov. 11. I want to read while I still can!! LOL I hope this finds you well!

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