pinking in stereo

I went to the Apple store to get Joe a birthday present and got something for myself instead. How was I to know that the store would be selling “refreshed” stock, those items that were returned almost as soon as they were purchased, or were only ever used lightly as demonstration machines?

It could have been worse than it was. I could have gotten a 12″ iBook for about $100 than what I paid for mine last fall, or an almost new PowerBook for a substantial discount! But I decided to be semi-responsible, and only bought myself a 4GB iPod mini in Pink. I’ve named it Hello Kitty, and Kitty needs accessories!

Arm bands! Socks! Pink headphones! A darling case like the pictured katy leather iPod mini case from Kate Spade. It’s not too expensive, comes in all sorts of charming colors like the pink and green shown here; this should make my friend Cynthia, an ΑΚΑ through and through, very happy. The katy case can be worn on your wrist or carried in concert with the matching katy mini eris case, which looks to be about the perfect size for carrying the other new iPod mini accessories I would have just bought.


~ by Jasmine on August 27, 2005.

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