shoes for fall i desperately want and cannot afford

Ordinarily, I would attempt to write something pithy about these gorgeous shoes. But my sadness at not being able to buy them all renders me temporarily speechless. Fortunately, their beauty is such that the shoes speak for themselves. Ogle away . . .

I know I said I would never wear anything from Urban Outfitters again, but aren’t these adorable? I think they’d look great with my skin tone. Faryl Robin

This pump is like the shoe equivalent of a hot chick in a tuxedo. Imagine YSL’s le smoking, but sexed up. Dior

Can shoes be juicy? DKNY

So demure with that modest heel. Delman

Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Christian Louboutin

They would have been a perfectly lovely summery pair of spectators but that ribbon just punctuates the shoe so nicely. Valentino

These d’Orsay pumps are so luxurious as to be upholstered. I hope these are comfortable. Banana Republic


~ by Jasmine on August 29, 2005.

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