“Welcome to fall fashion, b*tch!”

I would have thought that, given the designer duds worn by everyone’s favorite residents of Orange County, the collection produced by Necessary Objects would have been more, I dunno, wearable. Who looks good in sequin-trimmed teal polyester?

Perhaps I’m expecting too much of a show that shows no compunction about putting teenagers in Chanel ready-to-wear for school, but I can’t believe that Summer or Marissa would ever be caught in something as mundane as a men’s wear halter vest or cuffed gaucho pants. I know we can’t all have Mischa Barton’s spindly legs or Rachel Bilson’s magnificent rack, but I think we as consumers deserve better than the pictured sequin trim tube top.

Of course, please remember that we cannot always rely upon Marissa Cooper to be a paragon of teen fashion: check out the “O.C.” page brought to you by the lovely ladies of GoFugYourself.com.

I can’t imagine what a men’s collection would look like — what the hell do you wear with a Yarmuclaus?


~ by Jasmine on August 30, 2005.

One Response to ““Welcome to fall fashion, b*tch!””

  1. Wow, that ensemble is a mess. It looks like it was designed to make the wearer look as dumpy as possible.

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