another piece about that damn iPod nano . . . I guess

Is this me trying to start a backlash against the iPod nano barely 24 hours after its auspicious debut yesterday? Nah. I guess I’m just bitter as I bought a pink iPod mini less than two weeks ago. Granted I got it at a discount but there go my dreams of an iTalk for the mini. How the hell else am I going to record audio for the “O.C.” podcast that I’m working on with my friend Nick?

Whatever. I am so still Steve Jobs’s ‘ho, a Mac devotée for life, bitches. Which is why, despite the Nano with its skinny ass is displacing the mini in the market (if not in my heart), I feel compelled to hype the limited edition Harry Potter iPod. It’s like any other 20GB white click-wheel iPod except that it has (wait for it) the Hogwarts crest engraved on the back! Where otherwise you might spy something like “Joanie loves Chachi” or “I paid $399 & all I got was this hunk o’ metal”, there is the emblem that identifies you to the rest of the iPod nation as a dork among the geeks. Oh, and it comes with all six Harry Potter audiobooks so when all is said and done you’ll be $548 poorer but I think we all know that it would be totally worth it.


~ by Jasmine on September 9, 2005.

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