371: exodus

Music Box Theatre
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I wish I could tell you that something has kept me from writing this. Like a new adorable (yet attention hungry) boyfriend. A new writing assignment, or a new hobby. Did I start a rigorous schedule of exercise? No. Suddenly forget how to type? Nope. Did things suddenly get busy at work. Not really, no.

I hung out with Kathy a lot, allowing her to buy me lunch at some really terrific restaurants like the Weber Grill and Hot Chocolate. This eating would usually be accompanied by something fun like getting our nails done or shopping for season-appropriate items for Kathy’s work wardrobe. And sometimes we’d end up on my couch watching cable and eating pigs-in-a-blanket. Mmm, cable and hot dogs in pastry. Delicious.

Joe turned 30, and I went to the barbecue Jacinda organized in his honor. I attended a few meetings for the Daniel Murphy Scholarship Foundation. I saw Cassandra Wilson and Al Jarreau at Ravinia with Kathy, Cynthia, Cynthia’s mom, and Cynthia’s two kids. That was a truly hilarious night, which began with Jared trying to act thuggish and ended with ice cream sundaes under the stars.

I went to the African festival of the Arts, where I almost participated in a demonstration of various African folk dances. I may or may not have shared a funnel cake with Kathy, Adrienne, and Adrienne’s friend from out of town. I went to Big Chicks for Thom’s birthday, but missed going to Big Chicks for Gabe’s birthday the following weekend. I am a tool.

Two fun dinners (read: gossip sessions) with Andrew and Rozi. A few good telephone conversations with Jacinda. Not enough phone calls were made by me to people who’ve been calling, wondering, perhaps even still waiting for me to get back to them.

And in the world? The hurricane. The VMAs. Fashion week and the UN Summit converging on New York the same week just as Marshall Field’s tries to bring fashion week to Chicago. Kate Moss gets snapped doing fat lines of coke and she still gets to keep her H&M contract. Britney gives birth to her own wee Cheeto to whom, thankfully, she did not give a ridiculous name like Kryolan thus participating in what would appear to be a practice of vanity on her husband’s part in giving his children names that have no business starting with the letter K. Chief Justice Rehnquist passed away, and now Chief Justice nominee John Roberts is giving all sorts of non-answers to those senators running his confirmation hearing. The third season of “The O.C.” is two episodes deep and yes, in case you were wondering, “Mr. Oateses’s Noteses” will be back shortly as soon as I, you know, write something for Nick and Mahoney.

Last night was perfect. Summer is coming to an end here, so it was cool enough for a long-sleeved t-shirt but warm enough that I could wear a corduroy skirt and not freeze my ass off. I took a disco nap at home, put on some makeup, took my hair down, then went off to the Music Box to see a midnight showing of some old episodes of “Degrassi Jr. High”. The theater was full of hipsters who looked like they hadn’t even been born when the show first ran back in the 80s. Jacinda and I bought popcorn, Joe had a soda, and Andrew bought a bottle of water while we talked about the smell of candy with the girl at the concessions stand.

The theater wasn’t close to full but it rang with the sounds of people crumbling candy wrappers, slurping soda through tall straws, adjusting their outfits, and practicing making snarky remarks for the screening. There were two shorts before the feature.

The first was an educational film hosted by Denise Nicholas (tv’s “Room 222”, “Blacula”) about the perils of puberty. You know the type — “regular” kids ask questions like “Do girls masturbate, too?” and “Why am I so ugly?” which are answered either by the fab Miss Nicholas whilst wearing a headscarf and sitting in a papa-san chair, or by a geeky doctor wearing ugly glasses.

The second short piece would seem to be a comedy about what goes through people’s heads as they try to date (this was called “Doubletalk” and yes, it’s listed on IMDb.com). That and the Degrassi episodes made me realize that I am so glad not to be fourteen anymore. But I am frustrated to report that twenty nine is not all that exciting, either. Whatever. I’m relatively healthy, there’s a harvest moon out tonight, and it’s Stef’s birthday dinner tonight so I’m gonna go out and have myself a time.


“And I missed something, or it’s like I skipped a year, ’cause I never learned what you do after you think you like somebody…what you do next. And every — everybody did learn. A lot of other people, anyway.”

Shakira – Estoy Aqui; Kylie Minogue – I Believe In You; Robyn – Show Me Love; Bobby Womack – If You Think You’re Lonely Now; Saint Etienne – He’s On The Phone; Buzzcocks – Autonomy; Komeda – Focus; Garnet Mimms – I’ll Take Good Care of You



~ by Jasmine on September 17, 2005.

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