375 teaser: jam out with your clam out

1. White Sox win!

2. I finally see Rufus Wainwright. Coincidentally, I saw the first guy I ever went down on the same night.

3. Maybe Molly and I each bought a pack of cigarettes. Maybe we didn’t.

4. Kurt and Courtney, Terri Schiavo, Sam Walton, Malcolm X., Che Guevara, Cleopatra, Sonny Bono, and Michael Kennedy came to my Halloween party.

5. I got a $75 from the U of C bursar’s office due to me overpaying my Perkins loan. Yay! Only $17k to go on that Stafford . . .

6. Why am I only realizing now that my co-worker T. is kinda hot?

7. Why am I not remembering that it is generally not a good idea to date one’s co-workers?

8. My mom is leaving for the Philippines on 11/3. She hasn’t been there since spring ’84. I think she might be a bit excited.

9. I love Old Navy cords. But not as much as that last episode of “Rome”.

10. Flan flan flan flan flan flan. So delicious but gives me a hangover.


~ by Jasmine on November 1, 2005.

One Response to “375 teaser: jam out with your clam out”

  1. “jam out with your clam out”
    So hilarious. And kinda gross.

    I also wanted to thank you for recommending Rome in one of your posts a while back. I almost didn’t watch it, despite the fact that the death of Six Feet Under left a gaping hole in my Sunday night, but OMG. Best. Show. Ever.

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